worlds peace charles crawshaw acknowledgement

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Granting a Listening 26 0f 36

worlds peace charles crawshaw acknowledgement

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Granting a Listening 26 0f 36

In case you don’t know, I am currently in my second consecutive Wisdom Unlimited Course run by Landmark Worldwide, participating from my home/studio/office here in Ocean Shores, New South Wales, Australia. I have been living here for over 15 years and I am close to the famous Byron Bay; the most Easterly point of Australia. In this Wisdom Course, and on our 3rd weekend on August 16th – 18th, we were given a list of 36 words or phrases as an access to ‘TRANSFORMATION’. As you can see from the number above, I have 10 more words and phrases to engage with; and generate something I trust, that makes a difference for anyone who reads my blog, (see PASS IT ON blog here)

Thank You to My Niece’s Recent Listening

Given Byron Bay lies on the “must visit’ tourist trail with over 2 million visitors each year, this mecca for holiday lovers ensures I get to enjoy opportunities when friends and family drop in. Such was the case, only last Thursday, when my 21 year old “Year of the Tiger” UK University graduate niece called Sophie arrived by a Greyhound bus.

She arrived with her best friend, and fellow Tiger Abby, at 7pm so I drove the 15 minutes north to Ocean Shores and they had an early night, ready for an early start on Friday morning, when I drive to Byron Bay and do my weekly “picnics” lunch service for

Over the next 6 days, this 56 year old bachelor “Uncle Charlie” or just Charlie was able to share his life, like never before, with a dear niece called Sophie, who had last met me 14 years ago, when she was 7 years old and I was 42.

In the world of ‘dialoguing’ with her (and Abby), I am SO GRATEFUL to be given the opportunity to share my life. So special was this week that I assert the ‘surprise’ birthday party for my brother’s son Sebastian will be lovingly IMPACTED by Uncle Charles(Charlie) from Byron Bay!

Acknowledgement: Acceptance of the Truth

My Chinese mother Shu Man Crawshaw, (World War 2 background) only last week, whilst niece Sophie was in bed with the flu, brought up my stand for “World Peace by 2020”,( please read and for background here), had a deeper conversation with myself, after I opened up my deep sadness about being 56 years old and a bachelor. It lead to a conversation about my Ceasefire project and then I got my mother’s TRUTH.

Shu Man (she is born in the year of the Dog) barked lovingly:

“World Peace by 2020” , “By 2020’ , ‘By 2020’….

She enhanced the phrase by emphasising 2020 was not far way.

It was the way she spoke, the passion she had for the conversation and I also heard the love she had for me and my stand. Indeed her slain father “Ng Se Wah” was ALIVE and WELL through MUM!

Acknowledgement: Existence of Something

Charles proudly declared:

“Don’t worry Mum, NOW there is a “Sand With A Line” project being created.


Meanwhile, dear Sophie, all curled up in bed, finally came out for dinner. She enjoyed my mother’s Asian Chicken Soup with no fat, recreated by me, after she shared the recipe with me. It certainly had a familiar flavour to ones Mum, my brother and I have made before, and maybe it is that ‘NG’ family signature dish?!


Sophie was “bettered” so herself and Abby were back into the loving town of Byron Bay, where back packers roam!

On Saturday, it was ENGLAND versus the ALL BLACKS on the sports bar television. Both the girls got swept up in English hilarities and joys, when the unexpected win by England, made Byron Bay simply MAD! (Making a Difference…..all be it in ‘drunken merriment’) Consequently, a softer Sunday is the truth here!

Acknowledgement: Recognition of the Importance

It was important to me that I was able to share my visions and stands with my young 21 year old niece. She will be meeting my brother, sister, mother in Sydney on today, Saturday 2 November 2019), at a restaurant which Sebastian likes. Sophie is going to show up as the “surprise surprise” (Mum is the first ‘surprise’, having arrived from Brisbane yesterday). Sebastian was 2 years old when they last met! Dear Abby will be the ‘surprise, surprise, surprise!’ as the two girls enter the ‘16 year old birthday” space.

Acknowledgement: Quality of Something

Both Abby and Sophie have World Peace by 2020 fliers and Sebastian’s present, which holds FAMILY NAME BADGES with corresponding energy mentioned below.

Inside the present will be “back packer made cards”  




 and magnetic name badges for Nephew Sebastian (Goat) ,Mum (Dog), , Brother and Sister (Snakes) and Sister In Law (Horse).

Abby and Sophie have promised me to take a photo with “The Ng Crawshaw Fabling Family members, all wearing name badges which CLEARLY SHOWS:


In that moment, I assert I have presented something special for our family.

“Big love going out to you all as I write this blog!

I declare and invite ALL FAMILY world citizens take on PASSING IT ON!

Acknowledgement: THANK YOU SOPHIE and ABBY

You two “Compassionate” Tigers left me such a beautiful card and words:

Dear Charlie

Thank you so much for having us stay! It has been so lovely getting to know you properly and finally fulfilling my childhood dream of trying the bouncy boots! Also thank you for curing my flu with the Ng family magic chicken soup! I hope you now can enjoy cooking for lots of other visitors! Byron Bay has definitely been one of the best parts of our trip and we’ll definitely be back one day! Good luck with everything and keep in touch! Lots of love Sophie xxx #WP2020

Dear Charlie,

We love Byron Bay! Thank you so much for letting us stay with you.  I’ve loved every minute! You definitely made our stay in Byron ten times better! We will think of you every time we have a berry smoothie or run in the bouncy boots!! (If I’m brave enough!!) Can’t wait to come back to Byron and see you in the future (most likely for my wedding!) Lots of love, Abs xxx

Dear Abby and Sophie

How special was our moments together. I am left with a profound love for you tigresses where your friendship with one another is a DEEP FRIENDSHIP which is LOVED and HONOURED. I so love the fact that you guys help me pick some energies for the other animals with Compassionate being Purrrrrfect for Tigers!

Know that I am a stand you two do find something you both love, and that world travel is included in this discovery?! I look forward to make “KEEP IN TOUCH” another #WP2020 Game??!

By the way, let me know anytime you guys would like to upgrade our relationship to discover something new together! Wishing you absolutely the best “rest of Australia”

Your Charlie aka #WP2020 (seek this GIF on Facebook!)

SAND WITH A LINE coming soon! Can you guess already?!

Finally, what speaks to me about Saturday’s Sebastian 16 year old birthday party is:


Footnote for followers noting UPGRADES in ENERGIES!


  • WORLD PEACE through Charm   Rat = Charming
  • WORLD PEACE through Charm Ox = Patient = Accommodating
  • WORLD PEACE through Charm Tiger = Sensitive = Compassionate
  • WORLD PEACE through Charm Rabbit = Articulate  = Expressive
  • WORLD PEACE through Charm Dragon – Active
  • WORLD PEACE through Charm Snake = Prudent = Wise
  • WORLD PEACE through Charm Horse = Popular
  • WORLD PEACE through Charm Goat = Elegant = Sophisticated
  • WORLD PEACE through Charm Monkey = Clever
  • WORLD PEACE through Charm Rooster = Ernest  = Heart Felt
  • WORLD PEACE through Charm Dog = Loyal
  • WORLD PEACE through Charm Pig = Brave


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