world peace charles crawshaw action

ACTION: Process of Doing Something 29 of 65

world peace charles crawshaw action

ACTION: Process of Doing Something 29 of 65

Viewing the card “Action” from these happiness cards, instantly gives me a thought and how I relate to the word from a “transforming human being” point of view. An instant smile will indicate how happy I am with the word.


Having started my personal development back in October 1993, (learn about the start of my journey with Landmark Worldwide here) and coming from the context (read more here) of transformation (read more here) for this word ‘Action’ , I recall my 1993 Advanced Course!

Over the 4 days (now 3) of our inquiry into what was possible, as a Human being,

If one’s past was truly put in the past ,

Consider the human being could then generate (read more here) a ‘transformed human being’

 The future created,

 Has the human being

Get touched, moved and inspired

by who they stand to be!

During the whole 4 days , we had a note book which was titled:


Where we were encouraged to immediately write down an insight, that we distinguished about ourselves, as a result of what has just been shared in the room. I so remember the movie clips specifically chosen to demonstrate a human being “BEING”. The clips I will always remember, was from Karate Kid (read story here) and Gandhi.

Holy Toledo!

The two clips chosen from the film Gandhi beautifully demonstrated what it takes for a human being to cause something into existence. It was so impactful, for myself, given my past included myself being stabbed aged 18 (read story here)

The INSIGHT I saw for me was that I saw that ANYONE of US could be a Gandhi.


“To believe that what has not occurred in history

Will not occur at all

Is to argue

Disbelief in the dignity of man.

Mahatma Gandhi (1869 – 1948)


My stand for World Peace by Tuesday 15 September 2020 was definitely born in this course.

This simple exercise of writing INSIGHTS about oneself in a book,(the great, the good, the bad and the ugly), meant we could always refer to ANY of these INSIGHTS and TAKE ACTION!

One’s transformation occurs when actions are taken from one’s insight about themselves.

One of mine was “No one takes me seriously!”


In the communication programs I participated in the late nineties, I learned about DISPLAYS.

We were invited to consider that there were certain displays; that we kept in our lives, that supported a strong sense of who we thought we were, ( my ‘failure’ video here ). We also learned how displays can be made in such a way as they are “Openings for Action”.

One display that sits in my television studio every day, is a lectern labeled with the words “WORLD PEACE BY 2020”, recently TAGGED with the words: TUESDAY 15 SEPTEMBER 2020

The press conference podium has a “stacked bank” of 17 microphones. Upon each microphone are ‘interchangeable” TV NEWS STATION LOGOS. Currently, I have the 5 Australian networks, BBC, Aljazeera, TVNZ, Channel 3 (NZ), TVB (Hong Kong) and the rest with ‘s logo and World Peace by 2020 logos.

This is what I call a “clearing or opening for action” meaning at any one time, I can jump on the podium and send out relevant messages to any one of the 195 country media channels I have at hand.


Please note when you set up your openings of action, have the display be HAPPY and INVITING, such that the action you take is a victory over the past! Seriously! J



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