ANIMAL: A Living Organism that Feeds on Organic Matter 49 of 65

ANIMAL A Living Organism that Feeds on Organic Matter

ANIMAL:  A Living Organism  that Feeds on Organic Matter  49 of 65

 “Burst out laughing on pulling my 49th card from a deck of Happiness Cards and got ANIMAL! I am so glad to discover this card, (in Cheryle’s ‘culled from 250 to 65 words capturing happiness’ deck of cards(see below) as it spoke to me immediately and only 20 cards before , I had the same reaction when I pulled the Crazy card (read blog here) ..these happiness cards work! J

However, given I am writing blogs on each card, from the context (read more here) of transformation (read more here), I smile as I see no correlation between animal and transformation. Do you?

The laugh as I relate to the word “animal” through slang definitions:

  • a person who is extremely dedicated to something.
  • a person who is wild in behaviour.
  • a person whose behaviour is sub-human.

One interesting point for generating (read blog here) membership for my Ceasefire Project is through my online shopify site. Using the 2000 year old Chinese Zodiac to discover which animal you by virtue of the year one is born, one can loosly identify with your animal namesake. I am a rabbit of the 1963  era.




———————————————————————————————————A Big Thank You to Cheryle for letting me write these blogs around her cards, which I am consulting happily!!!

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