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world peace charles crawshaw The Truth About It All

AUTHENTICITY: The Truth About It All!

Well having had an extraordinary birthday only yesterday, I will be REAL and say that I am so present to the love people have for me. My 56th birthday had me engage with over 100 friends and family; either by ‘face to face’ or through social media. THIS YEAR was SO SPECIAL because, thanks to Facebook, (who reminded everyone it was my birthday), I was able to share a “WORLD PEACE BY 2020: PASS IT ON! YOU’RE IT! “GIF, which I had successfully submitted to them recently. For your information, Facebook now has 2.4 BILLION MEMBERS!(….so this message can easily be passed on!!) I have called this particular GIF “A Drop in the Ocean” and it can be found when you search for it as #WP2020. What I LOVE is that the 100 or so friends (who took the time to wish me well) received a THANK YOU from me, plus one of the #WP2020 GIFS! That has to be a clear demonstration of World Peace by 2020, don’t you think?

Authenticity—Being True to Ourselves
From the Integrity seminar with Landmark Worldwide, some 26 years ago, I discovered a great reason to live, for myself. We were sharing about our ‘loves’ in life, and how, when we were busy with the passion, we found ourselves thrilled and fully engaged. I shared that; having been stabbed AND getting a punctured lung, when I was 18 years old; that being true to myself is to demonstrate my love for life itself.

Because I so nearly died!
I also shared that; as soon as I had really taken notice of my parents’ grim life during World War II, I saw that MY TRUTH was WORLD PEACE. Therefore to this day, I have been true to my word, I have been authentic.* *See Ceasefire Project

BEING GENUINE – An Access to Being Real
How often do we go about life trying to ‘look good’ or ‘trying to fit in’? I know much of my childhood was spent engaged in seeking approval from my friends and family, only to dismiss their attention, once made! After starting my Landmark Forum in October 1993, I discovered that the more I shared about my life, especially with my mother and father, the more they opened up to me. For the first time for a long time, I stopped ‘saying the right thing’; I shared from my heart and burst into tears more frequently than ever before. Alarmed at first, my English father finally succumbed to my transformation of that ‘stiff upper lip’ persona the British culture reputedly beholds. He was amazed I divulged instances where I clearly broke the law and had just told him! Why? Well Dad was a magistrate in Hong Kong for 20 years. As his eldest son, I kept many secrets from him. Once shared, however, it clearly ‘broke the ice’ between us, so that afterwards, whenever Dad would acknowledge me for good things I had accomplished, no longer was I saying to myself ‘Yes but, he wouldn’t say this if he saw me yesterday when I was…..”.

SILENCE – One Access to Lying
“Ooh I never lie!” I said mischievously! Well certainly with all my training and development, I clearly know that if I am ever ‘out of integrity’ with myself or others, there is a lie I haven’t uncovered. The power to restore one’s integrity certainly comes with ‘being in communication’. Any silence around the matter is perhaps another form of deceit as nothing is said, so therefore one can not be judged.

“Aaah, well maybe that’s why you hold back sometimes Charles?”
“ Sure and well, I always look at THE COST of holding back. Is it worth it? How important is this to you? They won’t know anyway!”
It all comes to one’s relationship with one’s integrity perhaps?! Personally, I know don’t operate with power, if I am out of integrity with myself.

Authenticity – The Quality of Being Real or True
Fundamentally, I have learned, over the years, that so long as I maintain my authenticity around my passions in life by being open, vulnerable and “ready to share” with whoever will listen, I really have a sense of power as I am being true to myself. With that experience, I operate happily in life and hey, maybe I have taken on living a World Peace by 2020 life! Pass it On! You’re it!


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