Being Unreasonable as another Transformation 20 0f 36

world peace charles crawshaw being unreasonable as transformation

Being Unreasonable as another Transformation 20 0f 36

In case of trouble, throw up a reason! How often have I chosen to be safe, and make an excuse simply because I didn’t want to ‘rock the boat’ or ‘upset the apple cart’!

I am currently participating in my second “Wisdom Unlimited Downunder’ Course here in Ocean Shores, New South Wales, Australia and I have been blogging and will blog all 36 ‘TRANSFORMATIVE” ways of BEING. This one is #20!

Being Unreasonable can lead to Amazing Results
I was in my first “Introduction Leaders Program” run by Landmark Worldwide which runs over 6 months. Each of us gave our word we would attend all classes and weekend workshops.

At the time, I was working on formulating the Ceasefire Project: “The Causing of World Peace through the use of FIRE”. With an eye on opening the Sydney Olympic Games with fire breathers, I trained many of the participants in my course to breathe fire. Looking at the time table for our training course, I saw that the last day landed on the 15th of September 1995 and that the classroom ended at 10pm.


Press Release to all 5 Australian TV Stations:

15th September 1995 marks exactly 5 years before the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympic Games. The Chilli Club Fire Breathers will perform a fire show at the Sydney Opera House Steps AT MIDNIGHT to underline the anniversary and take a stand for World Peace by the opening ceremony.

For myself, I felt it was unreasonable to request a TV News camera crew to wait until I had finished my classroom, before getting EVERYONE down to the Opera House from the Landmark offices, then based in Darlinghurst,(15 minute drive).

Not only did we make it in good time, but we had Channel 10 News camera crew document the show in the name of World Peace and the news story was shown to an Australian audience.

THE SUPRISE came from abroad, when my brother-in-law “Ip”, who was living in Brunei, South East Asia, called my father.

Ip: “Tony, did you know your son was filmed and shown on CNN News just now?”

Tony: “Really??!”

Ip: Yes, my son (10years old) was watching the news and shouted: “Dad, Dad, there’s Uncle Charles!”

BEING REASONABLE like “playing it safe”?
So if one is not being unreasonable, what gives, in terms of one’s lifestyle?

Great question!

For myself, I see that when I operate in a ‘familiar’ and ‘safe’ world, my life has a certain flavour. Whilst you could consider that there is nothing wrong with how I am living my life, perhaps there is no growth or expansion in developing my capacities in the things I love doing. You could say I am living a ‘CRUISY LIFE’; with no unforeseen interruptions or disruptions even impacting it, when they occur. Consider the skill I have learned over the years is to continually notice the reason why I have not taken action. What REASON am I using here and now? If you can consider that many of the reasons you offer are based on ‘past thoughts and experiences’ as the potential STOP, then perhaps one can CHOOSE FREELY?! (read more here regarding CHOICE)

“I CAN’T……….” or “I AM NOT WILLING TO………….”

Aaah…when I have been in this inquiry, I see that ACCURACY helps with the refusal to take action in anything that is important to you. How often do I say “I can’t…” when I really mean “I am not willing to….” For me, the distinction here is often that I am making reference TO THE PAST where I recall a ‘failure’ to succeed. Once I have realised this as my first thought, I can then review the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ and then declare my action/non action with power. Can you do the same? Tee Hee

What Unreasonable action will you take today that INSPIRES YOU?

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