BELIEVE: Accept that something is True 35 of 65

BELIEVE: Accept that something is True 35 of 65

BELIEVE: Accept that something is True 35 of 65

Aaah, this happiness card (see below) makes sense, if one is consulting the oracle cards. From a ‘transformational context’ tying this in to my commitment ( read more here) to writing blogs concerning each of the 65 cards I draw, the inquiry about belief is completely in the realm of ontology (the study of ‘being’).

When I completed the Landmark Forum back in October 1993, what was amazing for myself was to discover what I didn’t know that I didn’t know about my life. What I have learned is that the course cleverly revealed my blind spots about my life, aged 30 when I undertook this program.

I am unlovable ( read story here)

I am a failure ( see video share)

Reflecting now upon my upbringing and education, I can see how simple innocuous occurrences can really impact one’s life where one believes one will never be able to do something because of that ‘ever pervasive past!’

The beauty with this ‘distinction based’ training is that once you have distinguished something about yourself, you have a choice to honour your belief (past based) or start an inquiry into possibility ( read more here).

BELIEVE: Hold an Opinion

Some of you know I have been standing for World Peace since the 15 September 1995, when my fire breathers gained CNN news with a fire show for World Peace at the Sydney Opera House steps (see Ceasefire Project) .

What I have observed is that everyone holds an opinion about World Peace.

With all my training and personal development, I am always inspired to distinguish my resignations, cynicisms and complacencies about life.


Because the alternative to is to dwell in the world of participation (read more here) and possibility.

With my passion to cause World Peace born out of my participation in the Advanced Course, (see inspiring Mahatma Gandhi share here) , I certainly have opinions about people’s reactions to my stand (read more here) and perhaps that is the point; it is JUST AN OPINION!

What I know I am engaged in right now is the so called ‘reality’ of World Peace on this planet in 2020 and the beauty of 12 year old Lucy’s contribution to me last year with her shout “WORLD PEACE TAKE OFF!” (read story here) and I promise I am out to transform an opinion that world peace will never happen!




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