worlds peace charles crawshaw breakthrough

Breakthrough: A Sudden Discovery 31 0f 36

worlds peace charles crawshaw breakthrough

Breakthrough: A Sudden Discovery 31 0f 36
I remember how we used to describe the methodology of how the Landmark Forum works is similar to what scientists do to cause a breakthrough. They look at their subject from various points of view and then, all of a sudden, something they never saw coming occurs and a breakthrough is declared by the scientists. It is the same methodology used in the Landmark Forum. For the 3 days and one evening syllabus, these are the inquiry points:

  • Already Always Listening
  • The Hidden Power of Context
  • The Vicious Circle
  • Racket: The Payoff and the Cost
  • The Illusion of Someday: Rethinking Possibility
  • The Myth of Is, Because, and I
  • Distinguishing: Opening New Worlds
  • Freedom from Anxiety
  • How Identities Get Constructed
  • The Pervasive Influence of the Past
  • Change vs. Transformation
  • Language as an Access to Power
  • The Nature of Choice
  • New Possibilities, Breakthrough Results, and a Quick Review
  • Transformation as a Way of Living
  • Dealing Powerfully with Breakdowns

For myself, when I participated back in October 1993, I recall being surprised, excited, saddened, happy throughout the weekend, as each inquiry revealed new views of my life. Indeed, the methodology is designed to reveal my BLINDSPOTS in my life: What I didn’t know that I didn’t know!

My biggest breakthrough came when I called Mum and Dad on the Saturday of my Landmark Forum (read the breakthrough here)

Breakthrough: Until One is Committed

One of the most revealing pieces of training I have received, whilst participating in Landmark Worldwide programs, is learning how and when breakthroughs occur.

Firstly, I needed to distinguish my commitments and passions in life, getting clear on my stands and actions around each of them. Once established, I then needed to be aware, whenever a ‘breakdown’ occurred, that the breakdown always and only occurred because of these commitments and passions in life. Otherwise, no such breakdowns would ever happen!

An Example.

Today, Friday 23 November 2019 marks a promise where, (last week), I said I would have caught up and completed “all 36 words and phrases for transformation” blogs, shared with us in my current Wisdom Unlimited course running in Australia and New Zealand.

I revoke this promise and re-commit to completing the last 5 by Friday 30 November 2019. PHEW!

(The breakthrough is that I would normally not share this breakdown publically!)

What Breakthrough Would You Like Right Now In Your Life?


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