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CLICHE: a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought. So when I hear or read “Smell the Roses”, this cliché speaks of a way of saying “Slow Down, Enjoy Life, Notice the Beauty Along the Way”. Maybe a better or a more original way of describing how one would celebrate a moment is through A VISION.

“Celebrating a moment” just happens to be this year’s THEME for the annual Ocean Shores Art Expo in the northern rivers of New South Wales, Australia. This art expo is special to me in many ways including; back in 2007, when I had recently moved to Ocean Shores (village of 4000 homes) from Sydney (city of 4.5 million), I chose to sponsor the expo, by being the MAJOR SPONSOR for the weekend event. Oceanshorestv.com was born!

I won ‘First Prize’ in the drawing category that year and I have entered 2 art pieces every year since, according to the theme. This year is no different and my 2 entries comprise of:

1. A collage of the ebb and flow of my online television experience.

2. A ‘drone’ shot of myself, running on my bouncing boots and flying a flag with a WORLD PEACE BY 2020 logo graffitied with ‘PASS IT ON & YOU’RE IT!”.

What most people don’t know about me is that I was stabbed when I was 18 and nearly lost my life. I, therefore, VALUE LIFE so the fact I have been standing PUBLICALLY for World Peace since the 15 September 1995 (My Ceasefire Project) and that I am able to run a flag that forwards and upgrades this conversation, is certainly a VISION I hold dearly.

For you as a reader, and in case you are no longer on the planet tomorrow,( take on life as being URGENT and see what gives??….) , what moment would you like to share that celebrates who you are today?!



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