Communication: Another Access to Transformation 19 0f 36

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Communication: Another Access to Transformation 19 0f 36

I remember the catch cry of the old Commando course run by Landmark Education back in 1993: “Communicate or Die” ,where this course inquired into going behind enemy lines (your thoughts and feelings) and find the enemy within! I can’t say much more about it although I did notice graduates were proficient in ‘cutting to the chase’!

Communication: Access to Power
The entry course into the “Curriculum for Loving” , as it is often fondly called versus the “Curriculum for Living” which starts with the Landmark Forum. In this course, I discovered when and where I failed in my communication ‘AS A CHILD’ and, once that was distinguished/remembered, a mighty ‘oh wow’ moment. See my ‘FAILURE’ video share here.

“Charles, consider the job you do, the place you live and the clothes you wear are all in support of your ‘sentence’ in life (sentence as in a court room).

Charles: “I am a failure” was my sentence that I gave myself (aged 10) and then hey, no surprise as I was always comparing myself to my ‘better brother’. I was doomed! (Tee Hee)

Charles Crawshaw: “Hands up, those of you reading this, if this circumstance with your sister or brother is SIMILAR? When I shared this with my father, after doing this communication course, he simply replied “Aww Charles, that’s called Sibling Rivalry!”

From Failure to “Million Dollar Lifestyle”
I participated in the communication courses back around 1995, when I was living in the “Heart ” of Darlinghurst, Sydney. It was perfectly situated; on the “Corner of Oxford Street and Crown Street”, with nightclubs and bars up and down the streets and the Landmark office within 10 minutes walking distance!! It was a fairly grungy 1 bedroom apartment, right above a record shop and cafe. As the “gay party scene” was all around me almost 24/7 7 days a week, I noticed;

On weekend mornings especially, there was the likelihood of broken bottles and used syringes.
At the time, I was unemployed and struggling to pay the rent.
That said, if I ever bought clothing, it was always from charity shops and never brand new. With all this as a NEW realisation (Thank you Landmark Worldwide )
I realised that these STRUCTURES were all in support of my thoughts as “Being a FAILURE”; so I started to DISMANTLE all the evidence!!

Charles Crawshaw 1995 –

Within 1 month, I caused myself to being chosen as 1 of 8 “Sales TEAM LEADERS” for the launch of Foxtel Cable Television into Australia. Sydney and Melbourne start. My leadership gained me a brand new Foxtel Branded Company 8 seater van to drive my team to suburbs all around Sydney and do ‘door knocking’ sales!
I achieved a great salary and commission pay, made by “Charlie’s Angels”, for successfully coming in “First and Seconds” at 9pm, each night for all our sales combined.
Within 3 months, I moved in with my brother and his girlfriend, choosing a 2 bedroom apartment in Neutral Bay, Sydney with water views of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. My bedroom viewed down on the Neutral Bay Ferry bay and the harbour bridge in the background.
I began to buy new clothes and the rest….
Essentially, having NOTICED anything that spoke ‘FAILURE’ to me , I did a MIGHTY SPRING CLEAN of my life!

Million Dollar Lifestyle : 7 October 2019
I work part time in this joyful friendly climate town called Ocean Shores. I run a tv station for it, I own my apartment and I work part time “on line” and “face to face”. I bounce to the beach often to embrace my love for exercise…(it’s all those endorphins hey?) and I don’t have a war on my doorstep. Indeed, it is from that space that I am able to TRULY GENERATE World Peace by 15 September 2020 as a GAME WELL SHARED! #WP2020 has started indeed!

How often do I ‘hold back?’, ‘keep my thoughts to myself’ or simply notice I am deep in thought. In my current Wisdom Unlimited course, (that I am participating in for the second year), we call it ‘monologue’ versus ‘dialogue’. Consider that when we ‘talk to ourselves’, nothing moves. As soon as we get into dialogue, transformation is truly available. What I am distinguishing currently is that some of my MONOLOGUE is on LOUDSPEAKER …something like broadcasting…..aaah!

“World Peace by 2020” shouted out loud isn’t dialogue Charles, when you run on those bouncy boots.

Charles: “What if they shout it back at me; wave, nod or give me “hand peace signs” or honk the horn as they drive or walk by….. I have altered THE SILENCE in this Ocean Shores community which I declare is certainly making World Peace by 2020: Pass It On! You’re It! “ a great shout to keep creating and GETTING IT LOUDER. Watch out for Operation “Sand with a Line” – 15 September 2020! Another #WP2020 GIF! Thank you Facebook for the GIFs you share!!! Again!


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