COMPLETION: An “ONGOING” Access To Power (8 of 36)

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COMPLETION: An “ONGOING” Access To Power (8 of 36)

Whenever I hear the word “Completion”, I immediately recall numerous occasions where I had thought I was ‘complete’ about something in my past, only to realise that; the fact that I feel a ‘charge’ now, means I am incomplete!

One of the most beautiful outcomes for myself in participating in Landmark Worldwide’s courses for over 10 years is the fact that I ‘got and keep getting complete’ with my parents! Indeed, over the years, I discovered that the act of ‘being complete’ is an ongoing process.

Completion is defined as the action or process of finishing something; the state of being finished. Whenever I would call my parents up, especially when I was participating in one of my personal development courses, I would ‘open up’ and ‘share’ with my parents about moments I remembered (especially as a child) that impacted my life and how they were involved. I ‘got complete’ about that ‘train station’ moment, the ‘Lord of the Rings’ story and many many more!

ONGOING PROCESS: Never complete as a possibility?
The most interesting part of ‘getting complete’ is that it would only ‘be in the moment’ until another thought or moment arises. Sure, if a thought arose in my head during or even after any of my ‘self discoveries’ , I would get on the phone and ‘get complete’, especially if I saw I had ‘withheld’ anything with the person(s) involved. Regarding my parents, I would often call them during one of my weekend courses and I would say: “Hi Mum and Dad, do you remember the time when……” and I would share about all the thoughts and feelings I had for that moment with them. Some “back and forth” between us would finally have me be very happy I had shared my story with them. Eventually, one of the cutest parts of this process was when I called my parents in Brisbane from my courses in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. Having divulged with Dad I was doing the xxx course right now, my father’s first words were: “Oh God son, what have I said or done now?!!”

TAKE AWAY: A key fact, point, or idea to be remembered, typically one emerging from a discussion or meeting.
Given my love for people and humanity, I totally recommend getting into communication with the people you love on a regular basis and take on “getting complete” whenever it arises. Consider that the courage it may take will, at the very least, have you be complete. More importantly, perhaps, is that whilst you may have gotten complete at the moment; know that a NEW INCOMPLETION with that person is always possible!

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