world peace charles crawshaw decisions

DECISIONS: A Resolution Reached After Consideration 38 of 65

world peace charles crawshaw decisions

DECISIONS: A Resolution Reached After Consideration 38 of 65

I am writing these blogs from the context (read more here) of transformation (read more here), upon the word ‘DECISIONS’. I immediately think of the exercise held on the Sunday night of the Landmark Forum (see syllabus here). It is called “The Nature of Choice”.

We looked at the suffice ‘cide’ (meaning ‘to kill’ from Latin origins), and understood herbicide kills off plants and insecticide kills off insects for example. When we inquired about the word ‘decide’, we saw that it meant to kill off “all alternatives”.

Wikiversity: Landmark Education writes about Choosing versus Deciding:

Choosing vs. Deciding Deciding is related to other “*cide” words (suicide, insecticide, genocide), and is the result of applying reason to eliminate alternatives, effectively killing them. Usually a single thing is left and that becomes the decision. Choosing is about making a choice purely for the sake of choosing, not applying reason, not applying logic, not removing or disqualifying the other choices. I have purposefully not quoted the Landmark definition of decision and choice as that is copywrited material by them. Everyone likes to use reason, but ultimately, at the bottom of every decision or even proofs, is either fundamental choice or reason: “I choose to believe …” or “I choose to trust …” adding “because” makes it a reason. By using reason, one then absolves oneself from responsibility for the choice, it becomes the fault of the reason or the reasoning process if it fails. Choice demands responsibility for making the choice. 

.With that said, I have learned, over the years, to CHOOSE FREELY, when I first distinguish all alternatives available. This may sound simplistic and it does provide me with an access to power, given that often, it is that ever pervasive past that influences my decisions or should I say choices.

I choose my mum because I choose mum! Now that is the secret learned on that Sunday back in October 1993!



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