worlds peace charles crawshaw distinguishing

Distinguishing: Insights that impact 28 of 36

worlds peace charles crawshaw distinguishing

Distinguishing: Insights that impact 28 of 36

Having started my personal development with Landmark Worldwide in October 1993, and participated in many of their programs for over 10 years, the common saying about their education is that it is ‘distinction based’ training. Their education is all about discoveries about oneself and one’s relationships with others, so perhaps never with the answers yet always in the inquiry, whatever one gets for themselves is entirely up to oneself. All one has to do is simply to distinguish the education and training as useful,wherever one likes.

From discovering myself being unlovable (more here) and a failure (more here), has had me be aware of potential breakthroughs whenever these two traits arise in my life. To this day, my ability to ‘catch’ myself with these ‘past based’ behaviour has definitely allowed myself to transform “in the moment”, versus being at the mercy of that ever-pervasive past!

Distinguishing: Revealing Your Blind Spots

One of the key diagrams drawn in the Landmark seminar rooms is a circle where we are invited to consider that everything within the circle is all there is to know whilst you are alive. We were then asked what knew out of this circle ( a slice ) and what we knew we didn’t know ( another slice) which left the majority of circle with the distinction: “What we don’t know that we don’t know!” In other words, Landmark’s education and training dwells in what we don’t know that we don’t know or indeed, our BLINDSPOTS. As mentioned above, I didn’t know that I didn’t know that up until age 30, my life was all about being unlovable and failure! Wow, once I had distinguished this for myself (it made so much sense and I had enough evidence to underline and validate these ways of being), I had a whole new world open up for me. From then on, whenever my girlfriends say they love me, I thank them and own their acknowledgement!

Distinguishing: Demonstrating as being different 

To undertake distinguishing anything in life is to take on being in an inquiry (see inquiry blog) and open to discoveries. Otherwise you can consider that one is ‘asleep’ or ‘not present’ where no transformation is possible. For myself, I was astonished to learn a whole new way and indeed access to one’s transformation was through my listening! I saw I was judgemental on many things and this certainly gave flavour to how I listened to people.

If everything in your life is ‘the same’, then consider there is no distinguishing going on and perhaps life doesn’t move in any new way. It is just “the way life is” and perhaps you have fallen into that world of resignation, complacency and cynicism. Look at a child and you may see their world as full of possibilities! Oh to be young again, I hear you say??!

Distinguishing: Transformation If Actioned

After I completed my Landmark Forum in October 1993, I was left with a blank canvas for my life where I could invent new possibilities and take action to fulfil on them. Remarkably, it was during my Self Expression and Leadership Program, (SELP) where I had a personal coach for 3 months, that my distinction of being unlovable was really impacted. Why? Well whenever I had my weekly coaching call, my coach would listen for the future I created for myself in the Advanced Course:

“Who I am is the possibility of Love expressed through Leadership Inspiration, Energy and Enthusiasm.”

My coach would listen to how my Ceasefire Project was going and if I moaned or groaned about people involved in my project, my coach would help DISTINGUISH that who I was being,  was not what I declared in my advanced course. After 3 months of SELP, my future was fulfilled and my communities were then relating to me as that future I invented in my advanced course versus the unlovable Charles I used to be! Thus the promise that you will be “living a life which you love and living it powerfully” was fulfilled. Thank you Landmark Worldwide

What have you distinguished about yourself recently?


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