EFFICIENCY: Do Things Well

EFFICIENCY: Do Things Well

Efficiency - Do things well

EFFICIENCY: Ability to Do Things Well 15 of 55

Bringing the world of transformation (read transformation blog here) to the word ‘efficiency’, from these 55 “Medicine Wheel” cards lent to me by my lovely neighbour Cassandra, I know that in all the inquiries; through all my personal development courses run by Landmark Worldwide, (LW), I declare that efficiency has is the norm for my life, especially since I completed my Landmark Forum in 1993, where I discovered that my thoughts of ‘being a failure’ was key for me thinking I never had a good sense of direction..


It has been 9 months since Mum’s passing and indeed my last blog promised I would write about the “completion” (read completion blog here) of my 20 year stand for World Peace, declared to the nation of New Zealand on the day of the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympic Games.

With efficiency, I already had made a clear promise ( read promise blog here ) to 12 year old Lucy that I would return one year later to honour her shout on 15 September 2019: WORLD PEACE TAKE OFF! ( scroll to 40 minutes on this video http://bit.ly/wp2032 )

At dawn on Tuesday 15 September 2020, I drove from Ocean Shores to Byron Bay’s main beach to meet my dear ‘drone pilot’ friend Nigel Raynard (https://www.uniqueimages.com.au/ ) . In my car was all 195 United Nations Flags, (see http://bit.ly/ByronBaySunriseFlags ),  which I planted in the sand ready for some aerial footage of the flags flying at ‘the most easterly point of Australia’. Given it was a work day for me, I enrolled a young man; whose first words to me was “World Peace!” I explained to him that I had to go to work for 4 hours and if he could manage the flags as best as he could? He did it with efficiency occasionally propping up a flag back up as it slipped in the sand.

For this particular project date of the Ceasefire Project (http://queenspeace.com/page-3.html )

and generating ( see generating blog here ) a ‘tie in’ with the word efficiency,  I set myself up well with PROMOTING the EVENT:







All in all, the event was a complete success where the community of Byron Bay Australia was underlined as a great ‘PEACE LOVING’ community!


Efficiency signifies a peak level of performance that uses the least amount of inputs to achieve the highest amount of output. … It minimizes the waste of resources such as physical materials, energy, and time while accomplishing the desired output.


Personal development jumps straight to my mind!

QUESTION: What word (s) came to you; straight away?

For me, one of the values I have in my life is education. I am so fascinated by how we learn, what we learn, why we learn, and essentially an ONGOING INQUIRY!

Since Mum’s death on 28 June 2020, I have completed:

1.Sex and Intimacy (http://bit.ly/Sexandintimacy )

Sex and Intimacy had me truly look at being authentic ( see authenticity blog here )

2.Partnership Explorations (http://bit.ly/PartnershipExplorations)

Partnership Exploration MIGHTILY TRANSFORMED my relationship with my younger brother ,where we now traffic in the following domains:

  • Role: Adult  As Possibility
  • Language: Cause and Responsibility
  • Conversations for Power and Empowerment

Powerful for me was when I discovered that sibling rivalry occurs out of COMPETITION, which can so have a dark side! 🙁

 Beyond fitness was eye-opening for me simply as, coming from grounded fitness habits, what was beyond, left me marvelling at this consideration:

Do things well

Well-being born by being happy, healthy and prosperous

Peace and Health to you all,



Bold Leadership




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