ENTHUSIASM: Intense Enjoyment 5 of 55

transformation enthusiasm intense enjoyment charles crawshawENTHUSIASM: Intense Enjoyment 5 of 55

Bringing the world of transformation (read transformation blog here) to the word ‘enthusiasm’, from these 55 “Medicine Wheel” cards lent to me by my lovely neighbour Cassandra, I know that my understandable enthusiasm for life;(after being stabbed in Amsterdam when I was eighteen ) , was ENHANCED after I started my personal development with the Landmark Forum in October 1993,(read enthused results here!)

Summer 1981: Amsterdam’s Vodel Park 2 am:

( “English back packer got stabbed in the Vodel Park last night…..”)

“I am too young to die!” I cried over and over again (to my friend who stayed with me); whilst my other 3 friends scattered into the night getting help!

I remember sirens, voices and the first policeman who arrived and said to my caring friend:

“Sorry we’re late, there’s been a shooting up the road” and after he lifted a T shirt covering my ribs to see the stab wound, he said:

“Aaah, he’ll survive!”

With only a punctured lung (“laboured and scary breathing” it was…..), they wheeled me into the ambulance.

Ever since THAT MOMENT, I became!

No surprise I treated life so differently, with my enthusiasm; (driven and now “generated”) ,for “LIFE”, being so profound for me.

“WIDE AWAKE” you could say, and what I have learned; is to learn HOW YOU LISTEN to life? Once these filters are distinguished, whoa: CHOOSE! (read choice blog here)

Ever since 15 September 1995, (Ceasefire Project) I learned my enthusiasm for life was EXPLODED on the 15 September 2000, about what’s possble.

Fire breathing for 5 years had lead me to a  “LIVE” feed with a National News Crew at 7am.

I was interviewed by “year of the dragon” news presenter Mike Hosking TVNZ.

“ON and TO” camera; I declared to the New Zealand audience :  “World Peace is gonna happen!”

Today is 1 MAY 2020 and my enthusiasm in writing this blog has been hilarious with this enthusiastic recall!

 I dedicate this blog to back packing boarding school friends:

  • Tommy Ross
  • Shahib Mian
  • Martin Bastow
  • Simon Cook

who were all there back in 1981 and witnessed the becoming of Charlie! aka Charles! Thank you guys! Really!

Peace and Health to you and your families,


Bold Leadership


transformation enthusiasm intense enjoyment charles crawshaw

Bold Leadership Causing The Unimaginable

New skills, new possibilities, new views on life, new ways of being and so much more have all grown and expanded, with his ongoing participation. There are remarkable and inspiring courses for our young people (8-12-year-olds) and teenagers (13-18) which underline Charles’s passion for sharing this work with younger generations.

Future based training; breakthrough thinking and digital disruption are all embraced in his blogs, with his recommended courses pointing to many sources; including Landmark Worldwide and online, through Six Figure Mentors.

Charles thanks you for taking the time to read his blogs and, as taught to him by a 10-year-old boy called Reuben:

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