FAMILY: Two or More People who Share Goals and Values 57 of 65

transformation FAMILY Two or More People who Share Goals and Values charles crawshaw

FAMILY:  Two or More People who Share Goals and Values    57 of 65

“Family” in the world of transformation (read more here ) can certainly be the subject matter for any personal development course. Interesting that this card is one of 65 happiness cards Cheryle Teni has chosen as access to happiness, (see below), and sure, consider if you are complete with your family, happiness is available!

When I completed my Landmark Forum back in October 1993, I had no idea I was ‘incomplete’ with my parents. This ‘blind spot’ was totally revealed to me, over the 3 days and one evening, (read unlovable story here).

I have participated in a Family Coaching session run by Landmark Worldwide given one can consider we have all been ‘parented’ in some form. The 2 biggest ‘take aways’ for me was to CONSIDER:

  1. The biggest fear most parents have, about bringing up their children, is the question: “Am I doing the right thing?”
  2. That biggest gift any child can give their parents, (knowing the previous consideration above) is to call them up and let them know they did a great job, under the circumstances!

Wow, this made so much sense and certainly, there were times in my childhood where my poor parents were confronted by what to do with two naughty brothers. I remember calling up English born father, after the course, to acknowledge him for taking the time to read the entire 3 books of “Lord of The Rings” as our bedtime story. “Oh Charles, that’s what every father would do!” he sheepishly replied. I followed up by acknowledging him for treating the television with disdain, proudly sharing that, living in wild Sydney, I hadn’t owned a tv for some 5 years! He had no idea and bless him when I opened up to him. Once upon a time, he used to say “Oh son, I don’t like this lovey-dovey stuff” and after all my sharing over the years, he opened up about his life BEFORE he had US. Quite the hero in my eyes!

For anyone, where family shows up a certain way, one can consider that access to transformation, of one’s family, is by getting complete (read completion blog here).


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