worlds peace charles crawshaw feelings

Feelings: In Touch with Oneself 14 of 65

worlds peace charles crawshaw feelings

Feelings: In Touch with Oneself 14 of 65

Feelings are defined as emotional or moral sensitivities. It comes with many forms such as joy, sorrow, fear, disgust, surprise etc and is also expressed in many ways.

From a transformative context (read more here), I can attest to all these feelings throughout my journey of personal development starting with the Landmark Forum back in October 1993. As mentioned throughout the courses, you could consider your transformation as ‘a ride on a rollercoaster’ with many ‘ups’ and downs along the way.

With that said, I have been refreshingly ‘put in touch’ with many thoughts and feelings that I have withheld from sharing with others for years.

  • What will people think?
  • I don’t really matter!
  • No one will be interested!
  • Why should I share myself?
  • I suffer from depression sometimes!
  • Who cares anyway

Are only a few of my thoughts and feelings that have come up over the years and, indeed, it is an ongoing process. One of the strongest reasons I have engaged with my second Wisdom Unlimited Course run by Landmark Worldwide is that I personally love growth and development.

Only today, I was able to share my true feelings with a lady in the ‘hardware isle’ of a shop in Ocean Shores, Australia. She said that she had seen me blowing bubbles (Friday’s staff Christmas party) and that her 7 and 8-year-old children had seen me too and enthusiastically shouted ‘World Peace by 2020” up at me from her car.

I replied I, unfortunately, didn’t see them and that I was very thrilled that children in my community have taken up the shout and passed it on! I shared my sheer joy whenever people, who see me in my “world peace” outfit, (as I run around my neighbourhood on sunny afternoons), honk their horns, show the peace sign in fingers and shout the words out at me. Our conversation was for around 10 minutes and we are now new friends on Facebook. I feel blessed for having shared with my feelings, as a result!



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