world peace charles crawshaw freedom

Freedom: The Power to Be as One Wants 4 0f 65

world peace charles crawshaw freedom

Freedom: The Power to Be as One Wants 4 0f 65

I started my personal development in October 1993 starting with the Landmark Forum. It started on Friday morning and ended on Tuesday Evening. During the course, we looked at you of life from many points of view (see syllabus) and sure my big one was the discovery that I thought I was unlovable,(see story here). What were definitely clear for me, as a declared and happy result were a new sense of SELF and a FREEDOM to BE!

For myself, I have found it useful to discover “the constraints of the past” that have been stopping me from pursuing what is important to me. From discovering when I started being “a failure” at age 10 ( see video share) to discovering being “unlovable” as a ‘thrown way’ of being, it now has me develop mastery is distinguishing these ways of being as ‘past attacks’ I say jokingly.

What this allows for is a very new sense of FREEDOM where anything is possible. I know that the only thing that ever stops me is me! How often does one need to “get out of the way of oneself” to have NEW THINGS show up!

The ‘ever pervasive past’ is a quip we used to use when sharing about breakdowns in our lives, where our past would show up! The mastery of these so called ‘past attacks’ certainly gave me a whole new world of freedom.

“Charles, can you be quiet please?”

Means “Charles, can you be quiet please” versus my old thoughts like “they don’t like me”, “They don’t love me” “I am not important” etc…these were some of the examples of my past thoughts impacting how I listened. You can ikmagine the freedom from those thoughts as being truly liberating!… Aaah for such freedom forever maybe?

Where in your life would you like some Freedom?


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