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Bringing the world of transformation (read transformation blog here) to the word ‘fulfilment’, from these 55 “Medicine Wheel” cards lent to me by my lovely neighbour Cassandra, I know that in all the inquiries; through all my personal development courses run by Landmark Worldwide, (LW), I declare that some of my “dream needs” have been met.



These were the words lamented to me , when Dad and I were touching base on my upbringing and how he thought he had failed by letting my brother and I watch too much television!

At the time, I was living in Sydney , Australia. Mum and Dad had just immigrated from Hong Kong to Brisbane, Australia for his retirement, (He was a magistrate/judge in Hongkers for 20 years). I was reminiscing  how I loved it when Dad, after a day’s work at the office, would leave his book and classical music and come and join my brother and I, to watch the news together. I was 10 or so and given Dad rarely came to the tv lounge,(only English soccer was his other viewing), I shared it meant something to me. Somehow I needed to be or get on the news?! I wanted his attention.

“Aaah , I let you watch too much google box” Dad said

“Hah, Dad, you will be proud then! I don’t and haven’t owned a television in 3 years!


Dad died in 2005 and I am so glad we shared two beautiful moments I will cherish until I die. They happened  on Friday 15 September 1995 and Friday 15th September 2000 respectively with my Ceasefire Project being filmed by tv camera news crews in the name of World Peace and the Sydney Olympic Games.

Friday 15 September 1995 :

“Your son was on CNN NEWS just now!” said my brother-in-law living in Brunei at the time. Dad proudly shared this news to me, as I had no idea Reuters had relayed our fire breathing show captured by the Channel 10 TV News camera crew, at the Sydney Opera House Steps.

Friday 15th September 2000

The TVNZ TV News camera crew interviewed me “LIVE” outside Eden Park Stadium with school children fire breathing at 8am in the morning!  My interview had me declare “It is a proud day for the Crawshaw family, my mother and father will be watching in Brisbane and my brother will be opening the ceremony in Sydney” spoken to the nation of New Zealand for the Sydney Olympics. What was remarkable was that Dad did not know I had accomplished and fulfilled my dream until he came to visit me in New Zealand and watched the footage. He left the room speechless.


As a stabbing victim when I was 18 years ago, (read story here), I immediately got the distinction: LIFE!

I recall crying to my friend, screaming that I was too young to die! 38 years later, I declare I am and have been fulfilled continually. Why? Well I so value life and I have lived life to the fullest such that if I died tomorrow, I can say I had a fulfilling life.

  • If you died tomorrow, would you answer that you had a fulfilling life?
  • With fulfilment meaning meeting a need, have you had your needs met?
  • What would have you fulfilled, before you die?
  • At your funeral, what do you think people will say about you?

With today being 25 June 2020 and the global pandemic being “daily news” for over 4 months, will you be one of the unlucky ones who gets caught by it? Perhaps it is time we say our goodbyes (just in case) and BE FULFILLED in the moment of sharing your goodbye? PASS IT ON!

• The best of health and Peace to you all ,

• .

• Charles

• Bold Leadership

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