world peace charles crawshaw future

Future: Something is going to happen 6 0f 65

world peace charles crawshaw future

Future: Something is going to happen 6 0f 65

Aaah this is certainly powerfully addressed in many of Landmark Worldwide’s personal development courses. I participated in what Landmark calls the “curriculum for living”. It consists of 4 courses:

  • The Landmark Forum
  • The Forum “In Action” Seminar program
  • The Advanced Course
  • The Self Expression and Leadership Program (SELP)

For myself, having dealt with my PAST in the Landmark Forum and created a FUTURE in the Advanced Course, I invented a future called “Love expressed through Leadership, Inspiration, Energy and Enthusiasm!” (read more here)

I will always remember this phrase among Landmark friends:

“All you have to do is put the past in the past (where it belongs) and stand for a future that touches, moves and inspires you! Then your job is to enrol your communities to relate to you AS THAT FUTURE such that the course promise is fulfilled, (should you complete the Self Expression and Leadership program).

“You will be living a life which you love and living it powerfully!”

Well this future has been fulfilled for me having undertaken SELP twice with the Ceasefire Project” coming out of my first go in 1995 and the Queens Peace project in my recent course in 2018. (see )



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