GETTING OFF IT!- An Access to SOMETHING NEW!( 4 of 36)

world peace charles crawshaw

When you can recall times where you were STUCK, or you were being POSITIONAL about anything in your life, consider that this ‘FIXED WAY OF BEING” LIMITS what is possible for you. How many times have you ‘held your ground’, ‘put up your defences’ or simply just wanted ‘to be right’? What is it like? How does it feel? Have you noticed the amount of FREEDOM you have when you are this way?

I remember when I participated in the Landmark Forum back in 1993; this inquiry was introduced to us on Friday: It was called RACKETS! They used to describe it as ‘a way of doing or having plus a persistent complaint ‘and wow, did I have a few!

“I never have enough time!”,

“I never have enough money!” and

“No one understands me!”

were all complaints I had with myself with so much proof, you would find it hard to argue with me! It was fascinating for me, as I could so easily JUSTIFY and GIVE EVIDENCE for each of these three” rackets” mentioned above.

“Look at how busy I am?”

“Check out my bank account” and

“Do I have to repeat myself?” were all comments I would to say to myself or even out loud!

WHAT IS THE COST (of these persistent complaints)
Great question: Having dwelt in this inquiry and having now distinguished that I know these are ‘fixed ways of being’, I have also learned what it costs me,( to have and honour these complaints that I have had with myself!).

Full Self Expression
are all words that spring to mind. In the course, I really discovered the IMPACT these conversations made on myself, my family and my friends. Yikes……but how often did I want to be right? How often did I dominate a conversation by being so set in my ways! It was such an eye-opener!

Hah, the beauty of THIS REVEAL is I can now choose to ‘stand down’!

I can distinguish my persistent complaint and TAKE ACTION! Whoa…..what does that look like for you now Charles? Well this ‘distinction based training’ really has opened up a whole new world where my righteousness is not required. Taking stands, being in action and getting off it are all accesses I have today to create A NEW WAY OF BEING! Maybe the continual PRACTICE of GETTING OFF IT is an access to the TRANSFORMATION for YOU where LOVE, JOY and HAPPINESS are all consequences that result in this skill!


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