world peace charles crawshaw goals

GOALS: An Aim or Desired Result 24 of 65

world peace charles crawshaw goals

GOALS: An Aim or Desired Result 24 of 65

With my experience in personal development over the years through Landmark Worldwide, the word “goal” rarely came up in our inquiries, with taking a stand (read more here) and specific measurable results being as close to “goal” as I recall.

For myself, I have been standing for World Peace since the 15 September 1995 when some 20 of us fire breathers performed at the Sydney Opera House, with “world peace” declared in all the press releases I sent. The Channel 10 news crew came down, filmed it for national news and we went global through CNN news too.

From that day onwards, I was a stand for World Peace and on 15th September 2000, I declared “for the next 20 years” on national television. (see 2019 updated version)

“HAH I hear you cry! It’s 2020 already now”

It has been 15 days (blog written 15 January 2020) and , for those who aren’t up to date, the “Sand With A” Line project was launched on 15 September 2019: ONE YEAR TO GO! (and Lucy’s TAKE OFF wish/stand, catch up here) so I have been GENERATING ( read more here ) .


From anywhere from one to 5 or 6 times a week, depending on the season, and since 2005 when Charles Crawshaw moved to Ocean Shores, he has been running on bouncing boots ( see here ) and is a “well known character” of the 4000 homes there . Fairly recently, he started updating his costume with World Peace By 2020 on the backside of his shorts, a World Peace by 2020 cape with “Pass It On!” And “You’re It” tagged onto the symbol and his new backpack now carries nations flags. Once it was: “Ooh you’re the bouncy boot guy” to now people driving by shouting: “ World Peace by 2020!” and “instagramming it”  *

January 12 Sunday : I ran the Romanian flag

(see moving story below)

January 10 Friday : I ran the Canadian flag

I ran this flag to remember the 57 lives ended through Wednesday’s plane crash. Beautifully, during my run, I was able to share with several groups of beach goers and indeed, friends afterwards picked the reason for that flag. Peace be with you all!

January 13 Monday : I ran the Finnish flag

The newly elected 34 year old female leader for Finland is known as the “Jacinda Ardern of the north!  Jacinda is New Zealand’s championing leader (“of the south”…..urm Game of Thrones crew, thank you!) Between them, we’ll have World Peace by Tuesday 15 September 2020 SORTED!

I honoured and shared about her, on my rare Byron Bay Lighthouse run, remarkably having 4 visiting South Koreans recognise the Finnish flag! We chatted about my stand for World Peace and it ended when I said ‘Thank you” in Korean. It received brilliant smiles!

January 12 Sunday : I ran the Romanian flag

For your information and the story of the Romanian flag starts with me declaring that I complete my consecutive Wisdom Unlimited course this Saturday 19 January 2020, with a moment I will CHERISH FOREVER.

Thanks to the Wisdom program last year, I have been running many national flags around my regular Ocean Shores community roads, paths and beaches. I am a well known for connecting these flags with my stand for World Peace.

THE MOMENT happened last Sunday when I ran a Romanian flag , sitting in my purpose built backpack.

The afternoon was sunny and beautiful and South Golden Beach had many Australians enjoying the surf and sand. The wind was a healthy ‘southerly’ meaning my “wave chasing bounce” along the hard sand on the beach had the Romanian flag fly parallel with my southward running direction. With my head down and a great 300 metres of ebbing waves, I sprinted/splashed on my bounce boots ( speed up to 20 kmh). As I ran, I saw and heard people watching, shouting and cheering. Right at the end of my burst of speed, and coming to the end of the 300 metre run, I came upon a group of some 15 Australians. They gave me a cheerful round of applause!

It was the first time I was acknowledged this way. I was moved to tears, as I was present to 15 Australians honouring a human being flying a Romanian Flag . I found out later a few of them wondered what country the flag represented! 🙂 DIALOGUE! WORLD PEACE BY TUESDAY 15 SEPTEMBER 2020 #ITSATUESDAY#WORLDPEACETAKEOFF


Well surely a goal can be as lavish and creative as one chooses with likely goals, accidental goals and dreamy goals all being possible? Aaah, you mean a dream grounded in reality? Maybe or it may be a VISION one shares and enrols others into playing for it?

My goal for the GLOBAL HASHTAG GAME called #ITSATUESDAY (wailed by anyone working that day), is that all 195 country’s female leaders go on camera for the WORLD PEACE TAKE OFF PARTIES! PASS IT ON! YOU’RE IT!

Peace be with you all reading this blog today!

WHAT GOAL DO YOU HAVE, for the end of 2020?

*Using the latest information, Charles Crawshaw has bounced/run ONE THIRD of the way of around planet earth and climbed Mt Everest 3 times.



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