GRATITUDE: The Quality of Being Thankful 54 of 65

transformation GRATITUDE The Quality of Being Thankful charles crawshawGRATITUDE:  The Quality of Being Thankful 54 of 65

“Gratitude” in the world of transformation (read more here ) can certainly be the result one can demonstrate after any personal development course. Interestingly that this card is one of 65 happiness cards Cheryle Teni has chosen to present happiness (see below) as perhaps it is not an automatic trait most humans exhibit?

Over the years, and through much of my Landmark Worldwide training courses I have undertaken, a message I often hear shared is the supposition that, as humans, we often don’t acknowledge (read acknowledgement blog here) readily, freely and spontaneously. It is with gratitude that I now know this as I often thank people for even the most mundane services or aid given to me. It is with much gratitude that I often honour Chris Wakeford, a dear friend who first introduced me to the word of transformation and landmark Worldwide.

For a transformational point of view, I assert that once one gets present to the world around them and the interactions with their community, what invariably arises is a feeling of gratitude. What also arises in the domain of gratitude is the sense of being generous ( read generosity blog here) versus being stingy. A simple thank you is a great start and if it is embellished, consider your way of being grateful is enhanced and generous in one’s speaking!


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