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HEALTH: The state of being free from illness or injury 25 of 65


world peace charles crawshaw healthHEALTH: The state of being free from illness or injury 25 of 65

Having met the creator of these happiness cards Cheryl Teni; she said, when she was creating the cards, that she had to whittle down the 250 or so ‘words’ that were sources of happiness from the 250 the eventual final number of 65. With that in mind and the context, (read more here), of writing blogs (on the word each card revealed) relating to transformation (read more here) the card HEALTH made me laugh once more!

How can Health be an Access to Transformation?

Well , from my experience in taking on personal development courses through Landmark Worldwide, I recall there were indeed pre-requisites before anyone undertakes any of their courses. One needs to be in good health!

Within the registration (read more here) process, in the documentation provided, it states the following:

For most participants, exploring thoughts and feelings that they have not fully explored before is a useful and positive learning experience. Some participants have found that exploring life’s issues honestly may evoke uncomfortable and unpleasant feelings. For others, the Program may occur as physically, mentally and emotionally seriously distressing. If you are unwilling to encounter any of these powerful experiences in yourself or in others, or if you have any concern about your ability to deal with such experiences, THE MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS WHO ADVISE LANDMARK WORLDWIDE (“OUR ADVISORS”) STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT PARTICIPATE in the Program.

For myself, one of the key distinctions I learned in my Landmark Forum back in October 1993 was the distinction called rackets (read more here). Persistent complaints, noting the costs they have on one’s psyche. Around health, I saw I had a few complaints and hey, if I really got the impact on my mental health, due these annoyances, simple action really did disappear my laments. As a result, I run at the very least, once a week and my intake of sugar is minimal now! OOops.



A Big Thank You to Cheryle for letting me write these blogs around her cards, which I am consulting happily!!!

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