world peace charles crawshaw leadership

Inspiration: Leadership that is loved 13 of 65

world peace charles crawshaw leadership

Inspiration: Leadership that is loved 13 of 65

Inspiration is defined as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. As a transformational word (read more here) , I know it is so present in all of the Landmark courses I have undertaken over my “10 years plus” with them. Indeed, my “TMI” was coined from the phrase “touched, moved and inspired!” presented as potential outcomes for any individual undertaking their courses.

In fact, my first Self Expression and Leadership Program, I was trained to “TMI” family, friends and associates by distinguishing who I was BEING on a moment by moment basis. If no “TMI” was present, I could see that perhaps my ever–pervasive past of being “unlovable” and a “failure” was present! J

Often, to uncover or reveal some inspiration into your life is a simple process of seeing what is missing, the presence of which, will make a difference in your life.

What is missing in my loving relationship was and is an ongoing inquiry for myself. One of the most beautiful suggestions I have learned, through all my personal development, is to consider that love is an act of generation “moment by moment by moment”. What I have learned, as a result, is that if I am complacent with the love I have for my partner; I could certainly lose that thrill I experienced when I first started the relationship. Doomed if I hear the words…”the honeymoon is over’ so I take on being engaged in “generating” (read more here) love from as many spaces as possible and to keep going! J



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