KINDNESS: Quality of Being Friendly, Generous, and Considerate 65 of 65

transformation kindness quality of being friendly generous and considerate charles crawshawKINDNESS:  Quality of Being Friendly, Generous, and Considerate 65 of 65

“Kindness” in the world of transformation (read more here ) can certainly be the result one can demonstrate after any personal development course. Interesting that this card is one of 65 happiness cards Cheryle Teni has chosen as an access to happiness, (see below), especially if one has forgotten how to be kind in the face of no agreement.

I completed a 6 month training program called the Introductions Leaders Program in 1994 and I will never forget the KINDNESS shown by our leader, in being excellent in her consideration and ‘timing’ of her comment that changed my life. For the first time in my life, I was present to all the ‘sabotage’ I put into my life to avoid being intimate and authentic with people. (read share here).

Talking of kindness and in completion (read completion blog here), I want to say thank you to Cheryl for permitting me to write about each of her 65 happiness cards from the perspective of transformation. I know that for some of the cards, I had to generate (read generate blog here) a blog to tie the card’s word with transformation; my passion. The cards that challenged me were as follows:-

  • Air
  • Water
  • Nature
  • Animal

Cheryl., it has been a wonderful journey, ever since we met at the Ocean Shores Community Centre’s Wellbeing and Psychic Expo on Sunday October 27, 2019. You certainly showed me kindness, as I took my 21 niece Sophie and her best friend Kate (backpacking from England), to the expo and came across your exhibition. So much so, I bought your happiness cards and it’s been happiness ever since as I went through all of your 65 cards as the subject matter for my blogs. Thank you for who you are and the happiness you share through you and your cards.


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————————————————————————————————————–A Big Thank You to Cheryle for letting me write these blogs around her cards, which I am consulting happily!!!

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