world peace charles crawshaw laughter

Laughter: An Expression of Amusement 8 0f 65

world peace charles crawshaw laughter

Laughter: An Expression of Amusement 8 0f 65

Coming for the context (read more here) of transformation and the word Laughter, I can share that one of the common phrases shared around Landmark graduates is to consider that if one can’t see the humour in it, then consider one is ‘on it’! In other words, one is stuck with a fixed pint of view.

One of the biggest ‘takeaways’ from the Landmark Forum that many people always remember, is the distinction Landmark calls Rackets:

A way of ‘doing or having’ plus a persistent complaint (see DAY 1 on the syllabus here).

What was interesting, when we inquired into this distinction, was that the complaints like:

  • I never have enough time
  • I never have enough money
  • I always end up second best

Were ‘not personal’ and indeed “common” persistent complaints.

What are the costs of these complaints and then what are the pay offs of these complaints?

COST (about the complaint)              PAY OFF

  • Happiness                                   Being Right (about the complaint)
  • Joy                                             Make others wrong (about the complaint)
  • Aliveness                                    Dominate or avoid domination (about the complaint)
  • Power                                         Get to Justify (about the complaint)
  • Satisfaction

Wow, so I saw how often I would rather ‘be right’ about ‘never having enough money’ :

“Look at my bank account!”

Which cost me happiness, joy, aliveness etc

If I was rigorous with all my persistent complaints, I so discovered my propensity to BEING RIGHT!

“Urm Charles, isn’t that a natural way of being for humans?”

Maybe and sure and yet if the costs are so great, surely it is time to GET OFF IT?!


“There is the gold!”



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