LISTENING FOR THE GOLD and what can be in the way!

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LISTENING FOR THE GOLD and what can be in the way!

As a senior Landmark Worldwide graduate with over 10 years of personal development with them, I participated in their Communication Course; Access to Power and whoa, I really thought it was all about what one said, and the instructions needed to cause action, that made great communication. Sure and consider it is also the listening you provide that can impact the results you require. Huh?

Standing on the shoulders of what I learned on Day 1 of the Landmark Forum with my ‘already always listening’ of people, where I saw one of my ‘filters’ I had with MY LISTENING was whether the person is LIKING WHAT I WAS SAYING. In other words, I was LISTENING FOR “whether I was being taken seriously or even if the person liked me!” Oh oh, if I was PAYING ATTENTION to MYSELF, there was fat chance I was listening to the other person at all?!! Oops and sorry!

I do remember being HORRIFIED to discover that whenever my dear Chinese mother would call me from Hong Kong, (when I was a young “twenty-something” living in London), the long-distance expensive call on the landline (the 1980s!) was hurried, and to the point. A dear Asian trait perhaps?!

Mum would ask: “How are you, have you paid the rent, have you paid your electricity, have you paid all your bills? Ok Bye!”

HOW I LISTENED to that was that MUM DIDN’T LOVE ME because if she did, she would have slowed down, taken interest in my girlfriend and even ask what jobs and projects I was up to etc??!!” I realised during the course that my mother REALLY CARED FOR ME, so she just wanted to make sure I never ended up living on the streets of London! Oops and yes, I called her and apologised for how I listened to her. More here:

Moving on, once I had learned how I listened and continually notice if I had filters of how I was listening, I discovered a new world would open up. “Listen for the Gold (no filters here) and then use 4 words that will give access to power.

Consider making the following:

With all these up my sleeve now, I have found that by using them, I do indeed have an access to power, and hey the results that arise because of their frequent use has really impacted my life in oh so many way! Indeed perhaps all one needs to be POWERFUL is to be a person who HONOURS THEIR WORD.


What Filters do you listen through, may I ask?

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