worlds peace charles crawshaw making a difference

Making a Difference: YIPPEE! 32 of 36

worlds peace charles crawshaw making a difference

Making a Difference: YIPPEE! 32 of 36

As mentioned previously, I am in my consecutive Wisdom Unlimited program run by Landmark Worldwide. Dwelling in the world of ONTOLOGY; “The Study of Being” and undertaking self-transformation, I have much to contribute, having learned that Making a Difference is one of the tenets of transformation itself.

I remember being in the inquiry of what is to be human and we discussed/considered/noted that perhaps most humans want to make a difference. We shared about our heroes and heroines in the world and the difference they had made to our lives.

Indeed; back in 1994, the “old Advanced Course” included movie clips for us to watch and learn something. Two clips were taken from the movie Gandhi which ‘made a difference’ to my life; profoundly:

In looking at Gandhi and who he was being, we observed he took a stand and honoured it:

The British shall leave without bloodshed. Watch “It is Time You Left

Once the British had left India, a civil war broke out between the two religions. Gandhi gave his word he would not eat (took a fast) until 7 conditions for Muslims and Hindus to live in harmony in India were honoured.”Watch “A Way Out Of Hell

As participants, we were invited to consider that all Gandhi had was his word.


I do remember my first Advanced Course as an eye-opener where I realised that ANYONE OF US (in the room) could be someone LIKE MAHATMA GANDHI!


SIMPLE : “Take a stand and honour your word!”

Making a Difference: To Have an important effect on something, especially a good effect.

I am sure; that if I interviewed each and every one of you reading this particular blog, that I would discover moments in your life so far; where you felt, sensed, owned the fact you made a difference somewhere to someone.

  • How did you feel?
  • How was it for the other person?
  • What was fulfilled by you making that difference?
  • What were you left with afterwards?

Recently, I was running on my bounce boots around “Ocean Shores” beaches, Australia on a sunny afternoon (I am a regular runner) and three things happened that had ‘making a difference’ : “Alive and Real” for me on 25 November 2019.

  1. A young boy (around 4 years old), waiting to cross the road with his mother shouted: “There is the World Peace Man” (A thank you to his parents for naming me?!)
  2. An older boy (around 8 years old), leant out the moving car window and smiling cheered “WORLD PEACE BY 2020” at me.
  3. A famous Australian named Ben Ferris, happened to catch me as I was reaching my final hill climb on camera, where he shared with his followers my stand for World Peace by Tuesday 15 September 2020. Indeed, given it was SPOKEN OUT LOUD to his Facebook LIVE camera, the message is now in existence. Pass It On and You’re It! often comes straight afterwards!

I can attest that not only does making a good difference have a good effect on the recipient, the person giving also benefits. Funny that or why not?

The opposite would mean that no difference is made and life is ‘same old’, ‘same old’…..and hey Charles, ‘if it ain’t broke, no need to fix it’….so I guess that one access to self transformation is to look to where you can or have made a difference?! Follow that up with ACTION and you’re MAD (Making a Difference!).

What difference have you made, (that you are proud of) for the benefit of humanity?


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