world peace charles crawshaw nature

NATURE: Distinct from Humans and Human Creations 20 of 65

world peace charles crawshaw nature

NATURE: Distinct from Humans and Human Creations 20 of 65

Some of you may recall I am pulling one card at time from a deck of 65 happiness cards (see below)  and writing from the context (read more here) of my passion for personal development and transformation (read more here).

Given these are Happiness Cards, I laughed when I picked this card with the thought in my head going: “How on earth am I going to relate to nature from the world of transformation?”

I do recall, when I finished my Landmark Forum back in October 1993, how I suddenly had a FRESH view and listening of life in my world.

For the 3 day inquiry (see syllabus), we reviewed our lives from many different points of view. Indeed, one of the most powerful ‘points of view’ I loved was to discover my world of rackets: “a way of doing or having plus a persistent complaint”.

“I never have enough money!”

“I never have enough time!”

spoke strongly of my world at the time. Another ‘point of view’ was the world of vicious circles: what happened and what did I make it mean? I recall 3 vicious circles in my life as a child, up until I was 18 years old, (read my share here).

What really struck me was how ‘asleep’ I was around people. I learned I listened through filters and often listened to myself, more than whatever the person was saying. Ooops! I was ‘not present’ as they say.

So now imagine myself coming out on the Sunday night having learned “to be with” a world “where life is empty and meaningless and it is empty and meaningless that it is empty and meaningless.” I vividly saw the world from a different point of view where nature smelled, looked and felt different.

As I write this today 1 January 2020, I know I enjoyed nature BIGTIME today, where I live.

Today was hot summers day here in Ocean Shores, New South Wales, Australia. I went for one of my weekly bounces (10 km) on my bouncing boots. The run takes me from sea level up to 35 metres and then down to the sea shore, after a run through a subtropical rainforest and over and along a healthy clean creek. Whist I do run along the roadway, (using bike paths if available), it is the beautiful nature which makes me so present to how grateful I am to be living in this particular part of the world. With lapping wave runs and an abundant bird life, with even fish and sting rays seen from the bridge I cross, I assert my runs nature loving . I highly recommend you seek some ‘nature today’ and see/smell/feel the beauty that this part of life is?!


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