NOTHING: One Access to Transformation where there is NO MEANING 13 of 36

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NOTHING: One Access to Transformation where there is NO MEANING 13 of 36

Oooh, here is one distinction introduced into The Landmark Forum on Day 3 (Sunday) that completely gave me a very new outlook on life. This particular inquiry,( into what it is to be human), lead us into considering life is empty and meaningless and that it is empty and meaningless. Read more here.

NOTHING as a skill to “BE WITH IT”
Whenever I look at a circumstance in my life where I wish it to be better, different or even disappear, I am so struck by the meaning I have put into the circumstance already. Indeed, in many of the courses I have undertaken through Landmark Worldwide, a common throwaway line is for us, as humans, to consider that we are meaning-making machines! How hard is it to bring NOTHING to my circumstances? All my circumstances have meaning, surely? What I have learned over the years is to distinguish whatever meaning I put into any of my commitments in my life and simply be AWARE OF IT. The mischief I have with it all is my propensity to add meaning!

So if one can dwell in the space of nothing or indeed, no thing , where does one go from here? Well if everything, (with humans) exists in language, then one can say that the access to any power is to be great with one’s word. Indeed, when I participated in the course called Communication: Access To Power, I learned to consider that a powerful human being is one who honours their word. I also learned that making promises, requests, assertions and declarations were also accesses to expanding one’s capacity, through language.

Perhaps the significant way one can inquire into ‘nothing’ is to notice how one listens. When I hear ‘Everything/nothing’ in any conversation I have with people, I then have some capacity to distinguish anything that may ‘get in the way’ of what is being said purely as I have identified I am listening through filters. A great example is when I am confronted by a person who is wearing “LOUD CLOTHING”. How quick am I to have the clothes get in the way of anything the person is saying! Indeed, his or her clothes are doing the speaking (tee hee, as I laugh in recognition as I am guilty of this example!). Maybe this is too simple for our complicated minds and perhaps the gift is to NOTICE, LET IT BE and SPEAK NEWLY?!



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