world peace charles crawshaw opportunity

OPPORTUNITY: A favourable and inviting circumstance 19 of 65

world peace charles crawshaw opportunity

OPPORTUNITY: A favourable and inviting circumstance 19 of 65

Opportunity is defined as a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. From a transformational perspective, and using all those years of personal development through Landmark Worldwide, I can see I have been well trained in the world of possibility (read more here) versus the world of cynicism, resignation and complacency! Consider that by the age of around 24 years, many humans have become the latter, as one can consider that one has gathered a lot of evidence to support these ways of being! Read my story.

When you are in the world of possibility, opportunities are abundant, as your listening has been ‘tuned!” to being open!

Just this week, I got a call from Stevan Vujovic who, once upon a time, was the Australian distributor for Kangoojumps (Exercise Rebound Boots aka Bouncing or Moon Boots!). I have been running in these boots since 1990 and I have been involved in bringing them into New Zealand back in 2000.

Stevan: “How would you like 500 pairs of boots that have been lying in my garage, as I just sold my house and need them moved?”

Charles: “Sure, I will need to “ready” my garage then!”

This opportunity had many reasons for me to say YES.

Perhaps saying yes is an access to generating (read more here) an opportunity? From this example, noting my commitment to cause World Peace by Tuesday 15 September 2020, these boots are a great access to gaining attention, especially now that national flags have been added to the uniform for the “World Peace by 2020 Bouncers”.

Another point to note regarding ‘listening for’ opportunities, is to first distinguish where one is resigned. With resignation defined as the acceptance of something undesirable but inevitable , one can see that there is NO OPPORTUNITY.

The power comes when one can authentically declare where one has been resigned.

I remember when I started the “Curriculum for Loving” (Communication programs) with back in 1995, my big resignation was that “no one takes me seriously!”

5 years later, I transformed this resignation taking hold of an excellent opportunity to go on LIVE TELEVISION and declare “World Peace is gonna happen!”



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