PEACE: Freedom From Disturbance 55 of 65

transformation PEACE Freedom From Disturbance 55 of 65 charles crawshawPEACE:  Freedom From Disturbance   55 of 65

“Broke into a deep smile” on pulling my 55th card from a deck of Happiness Cards and got Peace! I am so glad to discover this card, (in Cheryle’s ‘culled from 250 to 65 words capturing happiness’ deck of cards (see below) is included.

From a transformation (read more here) point of view, and what I learned in the Team Management and Leadership program , one can certainly generate (read more here) PEACE, at anytime , anywhere with anyone.


“By asking yourself, what can I give up to have peace /love present?”

As an aside, I learned something about the PEACE SYMBOL many of us know today. It comes from the Viking’s rune stone called Algiz: the rune of:

  • The Divine Plan
  • Higher Spiritual Awareness
  • Higher Vibrations

As with all rune stones there is an upright and reversed position of the rune altering the message. Upright, (as seen in picture) represents:

  • Facing Fear with Courage
  • Protective teaching force
  • Protection
  • Communication with divine entities

Ironically, the symbol many of us know today is currently reversed or upside down meaning the opposite in the messaging! Upside down communicates the following:

  • Setbacks
  • Delays
  • Reversal of fortune 
  • Unprotected
  • Being under attack

That said, Mark Leaver, runs a Facebook page called Get Peace Right. I invite you all to contribute to him whenever you see the RIGHT SIGN! J Peace Be With You All!


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