PLEASURE: Happy Satisfaction 2 of 55

transformation pleasure happy satisfaction charles crawshawPLEASURE: Happy Satisfaction 2 of 55

Bringing the world of transformation (read transformation blog here) to the word ‘pleasure’, from these 55 “Medicine Wheel” cards lent to me by my lovely neighbour Cassandra, I can see that the word is subjective (to oneself) and objective (generalisation).

Personally, and already living a life which I love and living it powerfully ;as a promised outcome of Landmark’s Self Expression and Leadership program ;(read Self Expression blog)  my pleasure levels had a wonderful ‘breakthrough’ in 2018 when I participated in my first Wisdom Unlimited course run by Landmark Worldwide.

The 6 month course really established for myself my true values and passions in life. Significantly, my Ceasefire Project (the causing of World Peace through the use of fire) is about to have its “fulfillment year” given my stand reaches its 25th birthday on the 15th September 2020.

What has been the breakthrough in “pleasure” is the fact that; thanks to an innocuous ‘smart phone’ capture on the 27th May 2018, I became a ‘local celebrity’! ( ) , in my community of 4000 homes here in Ocean Shores.

Today, 27th April 2020, I declare that one ultimate pleasure that I find myself in these days is EVERY TIME I go for a bounce around Ocean Shores. Already a “deliberate display”; with myself running national and World Peace flags, in colourful ‘outerpants’ (opposite to underpants) with crazy bouncing boots ; the community responds/reacts/generates: (read generate blog here)

  1. Shouts like “World Peace by 2020”
  2. Instant smiles (both ways)
  3. Peace signs made with fingers
  4. Enthusiastic honks of car horns
  5. Children echoing my “World Peace” shouts
  6. Instagram photographers keen for a curious hashtag!

Clearly this is one of my passions in life so no wonder pleasure occurs. What I have found useful recently is to discover your core values in life where you naturally practice in life, (read values share here).

Thank you for reading,

Peace and Health to you and your family,


transformation pleasure happy satisfaction charles crawshaw

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