world peace charles crawshaw possessions

POSSESSIONS: Wealth or Property 32 of 65

world peace charles crawshaw possessions

POSSESSIONS: Wealth or Property 32 of 65

I burst into laughter, (…urm Charles…that is the point of these happiness cards!) ,when I picked this “happiness card” (see below) as I am blogging each of these 65 cards from the context (read more here) of transformation (read more here).


Great question.

Given all the personal development courses I have completed over the years, what I have found very useful for generating (read more here) possessions, is firstly to notice all the reasons why I say “no” to them.

Personally, what I have found that, even before one considers possessions, one can firstly distinguish your rackets(complaints) (read more here)  about not being in action to attain these possessions.

Given this word is the PLURAL of POSSESSION;  as the context for this word on this card is to be one access to happiness, I can certainly see when one reviews ones possessions, one can perhaps be grateful that one has them in the first place. Queue: Don’t worry Be happy song!


For myself, after I completed the Landmark Forum, and discovered “empty and meaningless” (read more here), I had a breakthrough(read more here)  in FREEDOM around all my possessions. If I noticed any significance I paid to any of my possessions, I had the power to observe my thoughts about it and take action where necessary.

Indeed, whenever I notice I have an attachment to anything, an alarm bell goes off in my head and I say this memorised “Nature of An Upset” to myself to develop mastery around all my upsets.

And then again, noticing ANY ATTACHMENT one has, provides an opportunity to master one’s potential upset.

AN UPSET, can be any one or a combination of the following 3:

  1. Thwarted Intention
  2. Unfulfilled Expectation
  3. Undelivered Communication

From the above, unfulfilled expectations is aligned with “being attached” to an outcome, providing an opening for an upset to occur. The skill is distinguishing the “attachment in the moment” as this always provides freedom from any outcome.




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