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a completion of one demonstrates power world peace charles crawshaw

Hah, how fortunate that I am into my second Wisdom Unlimited program run by Landmark Worldwide here in 2019. Why? Well, with all the training and development I have accomplished so far (over 10 years), what has been revealed to myself, now age 56, is the inquiry into: “Adult as Possibility”. With that comes the word: PLAY!

So, on the 15th September 2019, I HONOURED MY PROMISE, made exactly 19 years to the day. I took National and HASHTAG flags, The World Peace by 2020 flag and banner, 15 Bounce Boots and a SONY Broadcast camera. This was my Peace Ceremony, as declared on national news in Auckland, New Zealand. Indeed, on the 15 September 2000: TVNZ New: “………..And we are declaring it as the 15th September for the next twenty years when we start the peace ceremonies!” were the very words that came out of my mouth! Yay I honoured my promise.*
15 SEPTEMBER 2000: Sydney Olympics ‘LIVE” Television Interview

NEW Promise: 15 SEPTEMBER 2020: WORLD PEACE BY 2020 PARTIES,(around the World)
With over 2 million visitors each year, the SPIRITUALLY FAMOUS Byron Bay lies at the most Easterly Point of Australia. Its lighthouse is an Australian icon and thousands of hump back whales swim by it twice each year; to give birth up north in Queensland and migrate back south to Antartica, once done.

Byron Bay Main Beach:
From SUNRISE to SUNDOWN on Sunday 15th September, 2019 the Ocean Shores Television camera documented the following:

A symbolic sunrise “running of the flags” including the World Peace by 2020 ones and the Russian, Chinese, French, German and American flags
An impromptu “PARTY ON THE BEACH” ‘Happy 12 years old birthday party of 12 or so girls ‘treasure hunting’ for “DRESSED IN SILVER” LUCY’. They turned up, put on the bouncing boots and grabbed a flag. Then, and after some coaching, SCREAMED (to camera) ‘World Peace by 2020; Pass It On! YOU’RE IT! What I found remarkable for myself, was when I left them alone; with the camera still rolling and recording. Reviewing the footage afterwards, I was MOVED to TEARS, when these girls generated world peacy conversations and their love for Byron Bay (and the boots!) A Huge Moment was when LUCY; to camera, and straight after her birthday song was sung to her; SHOUTED “WORLD PEACE TAKE OFF!”
Young tall lanky “Liam”, who was so excited to try these boots for the first time, asked if he could run “THE BAY”, which was up to The Pass and back, a distance of 3.6 km (2.2 miles).
I said: “Sure and will you run this World Peace by 2020 flag as well?”

Liam: “Of course I will!

I honoured my promise and made a new one: To PLAY A GREAT GAME for Lucy’s 13th Birthday concerning all 25 Million Australians. To start, please PUT an ALARM into your phones to ring
EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT AT 7PM (I suggest you call it a “World Peace Take off alarm”)

until Tuesday 15 September arises in 2020. When it rings, listen for others ringing and say OUT LOUD: “World Peace by 15 September; PASS IT ON! YOU’RE IT “If you are in another country, do the same and please let me know! Which one of the 195 countries do you live in? PASS IT ON and TAKE OFF!

Hah, scary I hear you say. “I never say promises I can’t keep!” is a common declaration many people share with me and hey, I got you! I make secret promises to myself, where I can cheat if they don’t turn out, because I have never shared it OUT LOUD with anyone anyway?! Consider it takes courage to declare your promises out loud as, almost immediately, you will be judged: Yes you can, No you can’t etc So does that matter?

Great question! Personally, in my current network of conversations, whenever a friend or associate declares their promise to me, I get a sense that the listening I am providing them is a great clearing for them to share. I so love it as a result, as it gives me an opportunity to support them in their promise, if needed. If you have to make a promise right now, who would it be to and what would it concern?

PROMISE: Broken, now what?
Oops, well you can relax about FEELING GUILTY. Consider there is no power in that hopeless sense of failing to honour the promise. What you may like to know is that you are really addressing YOUR INTEGRITY! It would seem you have a strong relationship with YOUR WORD and making promises, so by not fulfilling on your promise, you have damaged your sense of self?

Well for me, if I break a promise to a friend or associate, I take action by getting into communication, (with the person with whom I have made my promise). I let them know I haven’t honoured the promise. I may then REVOKE the promise or make a new one. Simply put, you will restore your power if you address your broken promises directly with the person(s) concerned. We call it ‘cleaning up’ in Landmark’s inner circle..tee hee. Restores one’s integrity indeed?!

Here is one promise you can count on me.

I promise to PLAY FULL OUT in CAUSING the Best Birthday Party; ever held in Byron Bay, for a 13 year old girl called LUCY who wished WORLD PEACE TAKE OFF one year earlier.

* It was my fire breathers who helped open the Sydney Olympics with the BUSH FIRE element for WORLD PEACE.


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