world peace charles crawshaw respect

RESPECT: Admire Deeply 27 of 65

world peace charles crawshaw respect

RESPECT:  Admire Deeply  27 of 65

I remember a Qantas (airline) friend, having found out I had participated in my Landmark Forum back in 1993, said that I was brave.

I admittedly hadn’t seen it from that point of view, and, upon reflecting, I can see that she had respect ,for the inquiry everyone who engages in, over the 3 days and one evening of the course, (see syllabus)

For me, I was certainly struck by the courage people gain, when the circumstances around them are dire, if not dangerous. Indeed, often, it is such a moment (ontological) that shapes us as a characteristic born out ‘what happened’ (read my 3 moments here). Indeed, I have full respect for anyone who has overcome their past, especially if “what happened” was clearly traumatic and sad.

My experiences for all the courses I have undertaken at Landmark Worldwide is that there is a big respect demonstrated by its leaders. They demonstrate respect through politeness and kindness, making the inquiries safe and potentially powerful; especially if it is only up until NOW, that a person gets to share and perhaps overcome their ‘ever pervasive past!’.

Respect as a VERB: Admire (someone or something) deeply

I am struck by my thought that respect is personal. One person’s view of respect can be completely opposite to you.

With my 24-year stand for WORLD PEACE coming to fulfillment on Tuesday 15th September 2020, over the years, I have observed men who think that men killing things is respectful; for the man doing the killing is in an army, navy or air-force!

That said, I shared this recently on Facebook, as a tribute to my mother, even if she doesn’t do Facebook! J

About the Author:

“PLENTY OF TIME” were the words Mum said to me after I explained what my new yellow headband represented!
We had just watched the new movie ‘1917’ on the big screen.
I cried several times during the movie; one significantly, when a soldier gets stabbed ( read about my stabbing here: ) and much of the rest of my crying was my thoughts about the senselessness of war. #WarIsACrime indeed.
Interestingly, my English grandfather Felix Crawshaw did fight in WWI and was discharged, after jumping into a trench and stabbing himself on a bayonette locked on a rifle (phew!)
As for my mum, who was a young girl during WWII, she admired the music for the film yet balked at the lame story.
Beautiful and touching it was then, when Mum, knowing I have been standing for World Peace for 24 years, let me know there was plenty of time for my 25th special date “called 15 September” to arrive once more! Thanks Mum, I promise to play FULL ON!
As you can see, I have an ENORMOUS RESPECT for my mother, who really is my love for WORLD PEACE, through who she has and “ is being”.



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