SATISFACTION: Fulfilment of one’s wishes 14 of 55

SATISFACTION: Fulfilment of one’s wishes 14 of 55

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Bringing the world of transformation (read transformation blog here) to the word ‘satisfaction’, from these 55 “Medicine Wheel” cards lent to me by my lovely neighbour Cassandra, I know that in all the inquiries; through all my personal development courses run by Landmark Worldwide, (LW), I declare that satisfaction has certainly been met since my mother’s death in June.

28 JUNE 2020 – DEATH & BIRTH

 Whoa! Mum died! With what I thought was a healthy mum, ready to live into her 100s, it came as a shock that she was found dead in her bath, by concerned neighbours, on the Monday morning after her Sunday night bath. Talking with her doctor later, we discovered she did have high blood pressure so the shock of turning the hot water into her bath meant a rush of blood to the heart. Death was instant and bless mum for leaving the bath tap on! *

With all my training and development with Landmark Worldwide and recently with Six Figure Mentors, I declare satisfaction was present after mum’s death. Why? Forever unmentioned, I realised I wished for mum to ‘go out fast’, which happened. I was complete (see completion blog) with her, having let her know how much I loved her on a regular basis and even calling her (every now and then) to ask for forgiveness for some of those moments in my life where I made mum wrong. She , in turn, so appreciated the fact I was ‘not far away’ should anything arise in her life and I was able to jump in a car and see her within 2 hours.

Now that she has gone, she leaves my sister and brother, and their offspring, meaning the birth of new relationships, without the ‘live’ presence of mum in our lives. For me, she has instilled LOVE and KINDNESS as legacies “fulfilled and alive” in our lives today.


If satisfaction is the fulfilments of one’s wishes, then the act of “declaring satisfaction” simply means that I am making a formal statement about ‘being satisfied’ with no exit for escape like an excuse.

With that mentioned, I am satisfied with my 1 year fulfilment of completing 1 years worth of blogs around Landmark training classes and all my personal development courses including Six Figure Mentors, Invideo messaging and of course Landmark training courses.

Remarkable, around the World Peace by 2020 movement, I have now come to a point in my Ocean Shores and Byron Bay community; where the REGULAR SIGHT of myself wearing funny bouncing boots, national flags behind my back (currently both Azerbaijan and Armenia) and World Peace logos all over my costume, the reaction by some of the community are:  PUBLIC SHOUTS of World Peace by 2020, Peace Signs made with fingers and cheery toots of the car horn as they pass me!

Thank for reading this satisfactory note, noting 15 September 2020 was so satisfactory I promise to generate a share around that day, (see generate blog), on the next card I pull from the MEDICINE WHEEL .



  • The best of health and Peace to you all,
  • .
  • Charles
  • Bold Leadership


*RACQ Insurance came to rescue with Mum’s flooded house, removing all water damaged furniture and contents, drying out the entire house and offering to provide new carpet, wooden flooring and a kitchen to boot, given the water had gotten everywhere. Mum and Dad are smiling down upon their two sons knowing the ‘clearing’ of their home over the 7 days until mum’s funeral made for another satisfactory completion!


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