SERVICE: Another Access to Transformation 21 0f 36

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SERVICE: Another Access to Transformation 21 0f 36

Who would have thought that BEING OF SERVICE is one access to one’s transformation? I got a profound insight about ‘service’ when I participated in Landmark Worldwide’s Introduction Leaders Program.

SERVICE: The Action of Helping or Doing Work for Someone.
Firstly, the receiver of your service needs to be welcoming! Otherwise you would consider that the recipient would view you as a nuisance, as a possibility! I have learned over the years that to ‘be of service’ is a gift for both the recipient and oneself.

How can one ‘be of service?’

Great question!

I have found that anytime I am paying attention ‘outside of myself’, with the person (s) I am with, I am on the right track, as I am focussed on them. I ‘tune in’, ‘pay attention’ and listen for opportunities for being useful or helpful. Questions, too, are an excellent way of discovering ways where one can ‘be of service’. Perhaps what I have learned over the years is to be interested in making a difference and therefore being of service.

World class service is defined as vastly exceeding customers’ expectations and building brand loyalty as a result. World class service can help attract new customers as 87% of consumers share good experiences with others.

For over 10 years up here in Byron Bay, Australia, I have personally brought this stand to one of the top catering companies called The Larder. Indeed, in our memorandum to understanding (which I wrote), I share the value of being of GREAT SERVICE versus ordinary service as a game worth playing. Consequently, all our new staff start on the same page, understanding how and when they can EXCEL in the services we provide.

“Going above and beyond’ of what our guests expect in providing food and beverages at any function we undertake, has us regularly receive great reviews.

This was a surprise to me when I first inquired into ‘being of service’. The thought that “to receive” is a service went against what I had thought I knew; until I discovered how much I was so thrown to GIVING versus RECEIVING.

I think it was during my ‘Being Extraordinary’ seminar that I first got to see that I was so fiercely independent and that I needed no one. Our inquiry looked to consider that fundamentally; most humans are out to make a difference. Oh! All those friends of mine, who offer to help, actually mean it, versus “working on an angle with me!” Yikes. I discovered how; by not allowing them to contribute to me, our relationship was limited in what was possible. Since then, I am much more aware of my friends loving and wishing to help me! Now comes the case of asking for help….and there’s another story!

Where in your life have you been or service to others and yourself?


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