SINCERITY: Honesty of Mind 16 of 55

SINCERITY: Honesty of Mind 16 of 55

Sincerity - Honesty of Mind

Bringing the world of transformation (read transformation blog here) to the word ‘sincerity’, from these 55 “Medicine Wheel” cards lent to me by my lovely neighbour Cassandra, I know that in all the inquiries; through all my personal development courses run by Landmark Worldwide, (LW), I declare that distinguishing sincerity through my life, especially since I completed my Landmark Forum in 1993, has me be fulfilled and complete (read completion blog here) on a daily basis,  where being the opposite has me distinguish an ‘out of integrity’ which costs my self-expression big time.

Honesty of Mind

Today is Saturday 15 May 2021 and I am working from home, writing this blog and reminding my readers my commitment to causing World Peace by 11 February, 2032: The New Year of the Rat.

With my current 2 news channels, (which I watch avidly), being the BBC and Aljazeera; I observe that Israel and Palestine are, once more ‘AT IT’ with one another. Immediate to my mind is, once more, the EVIDENCE that MEN are in action about this war. It completely honours my mind that, when it comes to wars, sadly the male species are always the perpetrators. Enough I declare and; as young 12 Year old Lucy shouted on the 15 September 2019: WORLD PEACE TAKE OFF! (see Lucy Blog here) From that day, my stand is that Lucy and her friends in Byron Bay work out ways where they get rewarded and make money by honouring her shout! Now that’s a great INQUIRY (read inquiry blog here ), as mentioned in the Lucy blog above?!

Sincerely, from one discovery I made concerning World Peace, a lady I met shared about reactions to A STRESS TRIGGER LIKE WAR!

A point of interest regarding a NATURAL REACTION to STRESS is as follows:

MEN: Produce Testosterone = where they FIGHT or FLIGHT

WOMEN: Produce Oxytocin = where they TEND and BEFRIEND

Underlining my honesty of mind, I assert where World Peace lies is with women and it may take men to cause it!

Tend and Befriend outcome from release of Oxytocin

The Trait of Being Serious

I  have certainly developed a much clearer focus for my life since I participated in the Landmark Forum. Indeed, on April 30, 2021, I started the next part of my Wisdom Courses adventure in a Developmental Course on Relating and Relationships . From Day 1, with an assertion that we are all defined by relationships, we were asked to look at our life from three perspectives:

1.     Where was our attention placed?

2.    What are our focus /foci?

3.    How much time was spent on these?

Speaking with sincerity, and with these distinguished, the gift I got was that for the next 7 months, I could simply focus on 3 things that are important to me:

1.    Causing World Peace by 11 February 2032: The New Year of the Rat

2.    Launch a new business with 2 friends; Yen Cleary and Chris Wakeford

3.    Expand my Blogging and Vlogging skills

Then the next thing we did was to declare who were currently in our lives and to start TRACKING our conversations around our foci. Whoa, is it that simple? Well I am already discovering it is an exciting inquiry where ‘making a difference’ (read making a difference blog here ) in each of these domains is a natural outcome for me.


With World Peace, only last week I learned the United Nations Secretary General position was ‘up for grabs’ noting it has been 74 years where the organisation has been lead by a man. Arora Akanksha, (year of the Tiger), is already working at the United Nations so a simply promotion is in order!!

What has been revealed is a ‘flawed old system’ where nominations or even submissions are currently very unlikely to give Arora a chance. Enter 2021 and the world of social media and ‘viral conversations’? What would it take to have Arora take charge of all 195 United Nation countries? What groundswell could I/ we stir to make a tidal wave for success? Know this has become my latest focus in this domain!

2.    New Business

Entrepreneurialism is defined as the ability to start new businesses, especially when this involves seeing new opportunities to make money. In 2021, with over a year since the world got impacted by the pandemic, new opportunities have become very prevalent. It is so exciting for me simply because innovations and creativity are natural occurrences for this global breakdown!

For Chris, Yen and myself, we have been trafficking in ideas where a NEW BUSINESS is inevitable, which embraces our energies and commitments.

With a Television Presenters course under my belt, one of our goals is to establish recording studios to accommodate the so called ‘attention economy’ with structures like the following:


Used in the film business where the subject’s BACKGROUND can be altered:

Logos and Branding


Motion Pictures



We use professional video and audio empowerment; through creative support, and effective coaching.


Sound proofing allows for “live feeds’” for Facebook, YouTube and other similar platforms.


Using rehearsed or ‘generated’ questions where the focus is on self or group promotions


If you have developed yourself as ‘An Authority’ on your chosen niche, we can help you with audio podcasts for Apple, Spotify, Spreaker etc and video podcasts for Buzzsprout, Simplecast etc.


Post production facilities to produce the perfect piece!

Apart from these studios, we have already seen our key strength is that we ADD VALUE through every relationship we develop where strong collaborations are built on a wonderful foundation of solid trust earned through continuous power and empowerment. Incremental business is on purpose.

3.    Vlogging and Blogging

This is certainly my focus right now as I recently left my job at a top catering company (The Larder ) here in Byron Bay, after 12 years of loving and enjoyable service.

Sincerely, what I am already proud about, having learned all my skills in blogging, (and vlogging to begin soon), through the Six Figure Mentors platform is my accomplishment of writing 123 blogs around ‘transformation’ over 95 weeks, noting a fondness for sharing and generating myself with each blog’s topic!

What has been fascinating is THE PLAY one has when submitting a blog or vlog, declaring the intention is to have my piece LAND ON PAGE 1 of a Google or Bing search?! They call this Search Engine Optimization.

So here is an example where I study key word phrases and search engine optimization:

Google Search: How can I make easy money on the internet*?

Top of the page are PAID ADVERTISEMENTS

Followed by GREEN CIRCLES ,(with a black tick inside), meaning the website has been cleared by Google security scans.

What there is to note is ‘other search terms’ of what people ask?

How can I make $100 a day online without investment?

Which job is best for housewife?

How can I make $100 a day?

How can u get free money?

How can I get $1000 in PayPal every day?

How Stay at home moms can make money?

How do I make an extra $1000 a month?

Who gives free money?

How can I make 200 dollars a day?

How can u get free money?

What’s the best way to make money without a job?

And I could list more…and what is also useful to study at the bottom of PAGE 1 is tips on KEYWORDS (in bold) as follows:

How to make money online for beginners

Make money fast today

How to make money online without paying anything

Real ways to make money from home

How to make money fast as a kid

Real ways to make money from home for free

How to make money online for free

So what is then encouraged by you as a blogger is to ‘tie in’ some of these phrases and key words into the blog AND even behind any photos or pictures you include in the blog.

For myself, I have been diligent in incorporating such methods into my blogs and amusingly, for one of my websites, I have been successful in getting ranked on PAGE 7 for a google search on The Landmark Forum! Too funny and as mentioned before, TAKE PLAY to the blog(s) and have fun!

*Cheeky Answer: Give the 30 day money back guarantee SFM a go!

Or even receive the FREE VIDEO SERIES which reveal how to launch NEW INCOME STREAMS from scratch?

More Sincerity

It says that sincerity is the virtue of one who acts and communicates according to the entirety; of their thoughts, feelings, desires, and beliefs, in a manner that is honest and genuine. Sincerity is a mix of honesty and seriousness and if you do things with sincerity, people will trust you. Along with compassion and patience, sincerity is one quality that has no limits, and can always be expanded. People who show sincerity are being truthful, serious, and kind.

With all this shared, and having written about AUTHENTICITY ( read authenticity blog here ) , as one access to transforming one’s life, I have always remembered a ‘catch cry’ mentioned often, when I first started my personal development courses:


With that said, I ask myself what can I share with you that will touch, move and inspire you and indeed, perhaps give you some access to being sincere with someone who is important to you?


I have shared what happened to me in my childhood on one of my World Peace websites: and I know my passion for World Peace comes from being a survivor of a ‘near fatal’ stabbing, when I was 18. As mentioned above in my current personal development course, I have ‘newly tuned’ my train of thought s around World Peace and what has certainly inspired me is recruiting a new member to my Ocean Shores Television team.

Rida Akbar – Scholar from Punjab University

Rida Akbar – Scholar from Punjab University

For those of you who don’t know, I am proudly making a “poster presentation” at this year’s Conference For Global Transformation which I have called:


(see )

One of the points I leave at the end of this 50 minute video is an introduction to which is the ONLINE TAG GAME where we have listed all 195 United Nations Countries and highlighted a FEMALE LEADER to “go on camera” , whilst representing her country, and stand for World Peace by 11 February 2032: The New Year of The Rat.

Given the website is dedicated and committed to have all 195 United Nations Countries be lead by WOMEN by 11 February 2032, it is a wonderful thing to know that Rida, (from the country of Sri Lanka), will be taking on writing WORLD PEACE Blogs for Ocean Shores Television, and the other websites I have dedicated to forwarding World Peace.

MY SINCERITY HERE, regarding Rida’s business profile :

RIDA: I am Rida Akbar

CHARLES: Delighted to meet you Rida!

RIDA:  An experienced digital marketing consultant working in this field from some time and now I am here on Fiverr to offer my services.

CHARLES: Gotta love wonderful international discoveries!

RIDA: My core skills are, – SEO Content Writing – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Social Media Marketing (SMM) – Social Engine Marketing (SEM) – E.Mail Marketing and Automation – Facebook Ads – Shopify Store Setups – WordPress Store Setups etc

CHARLES: Excellent with SEO Content Writing speaks to me Rida. How can I cause , through my blogging and vlogging , a MIGHTY AMOUNT of PAGE 1 RESULTS where I am coming from empowerment and power, using the language of ‘cause and responsibility’ to ‘forward (to flood)  WORLD PEACE BY 11 FEBRUARY 2032; The New Year of the Rat.?

RIDA: I am here to make the difference and I assure you if you give me an opportunity to work with you, I will go beyond your expectations.

CHARLES: So glad with your results already and great to learn ONE SEARCH has me on Page 7 right now!

RIDA:  I am ready to get your business to the next level.

CHARLES: Yes , thank you so much already Rida and I look forward to meeting you in the “SRI LANKA” zoom room, that we discussed today, with fellow Sri Lankan ”Meshie” from Meshara Graphics

CHARLES: Thank you everyone for reading thus far and I will be thrilled with any comments made by you below, and sincerely, I request your comment comes from Power and Empowerment?! Why not? #PASSITON YOUREIT


With the conference starting this weekend, I am publicly saying thank you to Bilal Khatri of Pakistan and Oluwafemi Abdulwahab of Nigeria for partnering over all these years in having our websites SHINE FOR WORLD PEACE. Thank you gentleman with all your hard work now on display! #PASSITON #YOUREIT

Entry Level and hosted DOT COM websites built for $600

Entry Level and hosted DOT COM websites built for $600

Peace and Health to you all,



Bold Leadership


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