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transformation tenderness sensitivity to pain charles crawshaw

Bringing the world of transformation (read blog here)  to the word ‘tenderness’, from these 55 “Medicine Wheel” cards lent to me by my lovely neighbour Cassandra, I know that in all the inquiries; through all my personal development courses run by Landmark Worldwide, (LW), I have a whole new perspective to the word.

Ever since I got stabbed (in my lungs) when I  was 18 years old, (you can imagine!),  I gained a  whole new perspective on life itself ( I could have died!). However, it was in October 1993 when I participated in the Landmark Forum that this stabbing moment had me realise I could make a difference in the name of World Peace, especially after listening to my English father’s childhood (bombed in Great Yarmouth so he sent to York until WWII ended)  and my Chinese mother’s childhood (her father got executed on the last days of WWII).

I started the Ceasefire Project on September 15th 1995 (The Causing of World Peace through the use of Fire) which gained the “Bush Fire” segment for the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics. Declaring a new stand on National News on 15 September 2000 in Auckland, New Zealand, I spend many hours a week listening and watching global news.


7 June 2020:

Where tenderness shows up for me is when I see the sadness and cruelty that conflict zones have on the local communities around the world. It so inspires me to ‘be the change’ and share from the heart.


I assert that women dream of the day when men stand down and stop fighting. That man can truly be another way where violence and anger is replaced by love and contribution. One of the most profound discoveries I have learned through my Wisdom Unlimited programs run by LW, was when I learned, (having shared about World Peace),that when men sense a threat, we produce testosterone: Fight or Flight. When women sense a threat, they produce OXYTOCIN: TEND and BEFRIEND!  Now surely that has to be one access to True Peace on this planet?!!!

The best of health and Peace to you all, 


Bold Leadership


transformation tenderness sensitivity to pain charles crawshaw

New skills, new possibilities, new views on life, new ways of being and so much more have all grown and expanded, with his ongoing participation. There are remarkable and inspiring courses for our young people (8-12-year-olds) and teenagers (13-18) which underline Charles’s passion for sharing this work with younger generations.

Future based training; breakthrough thinking and digital disruption are all embraced in his blogs, with his recommended courses pointing to many sources; including Landmark Worldwide and online, through Six Figure Mentors.

Charles thanks you for taking the time to read his blogs and, as taught to him by a 10-year-old boy called Reuben:

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