THIS IS IT: Past, Present, Future ALL EXPRESSED (7 of 36)

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THIS IS IT: Past, Present, Future ALL EXPRESSED (7 of 36)

PAST: October 1993
I participated in The Landmark Forum in October 1993 when I was 30 years old. During the 3 days, (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), I really looked at my past 30 years of life and noted 3 significant moments in my childhood, (read about those ontological moments here) that shaped who I was. I discovered that I thought I was ‘unlovable’ and a ‘failure’ and how I compensated for these inadequacies was to be independent, funny and brave. On Sunday, having really distinguished the past as the past (30 years), I was left with a wide-open future!

PRESENT: 26 years later
I am currently in between Weekend 3 and Weekend 4 with the Wisdom Unlimited Downunder Course, also run by Landmark Worldwide. During Weekend 3, one of the tools and practices we undertook was to share our dreams. Once shared, we were then asked to look at dreams from various standpoints:

Highly unlikely that the dream…..
What is stopping you with the dream?
If there was a magic wand, what would the dream look like?
What could you bring to have it (the dream) to be workable?
Well, one of my dreams is to cause World Peace by 2020, (started 26 years ago after the Advanced Course)

I saw it is highly unlikely that it will occur, giving evidence with what our media let us know about the state of the world every day.
What is stopping me is finding a SUCCESSFUL BREAKTHROUGH, where ALL 195 Countries get on the same page and stand for World Peace by 2020.
If the magic wand was waved, our world would operate as one; for the brilliance of humanity in nurturing MOTHER EARTH and other planets.
By changing them (who are making weapons of mass destruction) to produce machinery of vast production, needed for the ever-increasing number of natural disasters on this planet.

This dream exploration has really opened up new worlds for me around causing World Peace by 2020, however, this may look! What has been remarkable since the weekend (August 16, 17, 18 2019), I discovered an amazing accomplishment: FACEBOOK is forwarding World Peace by 2020: Pass it On! You’re It! Search for a GIF #WP2020 and you will see several gifs that I have made and SUCCESSFULLY SUBMITTED! Thank you, Facebook indeed! PASS IT ON! You’re It!

FUTURE : Dreams can come true!
Hmm…off I go into Visions of Utopia and “Happily Ever Afters” which one could say is pointless? Is it? What is the future you are living into Charles? Great question! I know I have taken various stands since October 1993, which has shaped how I live and operate in the world each day. However, that ‘ever-pervasive’ past is always there, to raise its little head, and remind me that I am human; in having such thoughts of inadequacies, failures, and disappointments. So what now?

Consider how often one is seeking or looking for a future that may or may not happen. Look at all the action one takes ‘IN ORDER TO’ blah blah blah. Perhaps if one takes stock of who one is RIGHT NOW, one could really smell the roses ( see earlier blog). So dwelling in the space of “THIS IS IT” during my Wisdom Unlimited Course and undertaking explorations to engage in between weekend 3 and weekend 4, one exploration is to “Play and Have a Great Life!” with a course experiment to do one anonymous good deed every day. WOW, now aged 55, the simple act of PLAYING has really reminded me of the joy of life I am having and as for the experiment, well I am not telling! TEE HEE!


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