THOUGHTFUL: Showing Consideration for Others 44 of 65

THOUGHTFUL Showing Consideration for Others Charles Crawshaw

THOUGHTFUL: Showing Consideration for Others 44 of 65

I am writing these blogs from the context (read more here) of transformation (read more here), upon the word ‘Thoughtful’., based on the happiness cards mentioned below. I immediately think of the 3 days and 1 evening on my Landmark Forum (see syllabus here) where I was so present to not being present and therefore thoughtful with my family and friends.

In fact, I was thoughtless with many actions I had taken in my life which ultimately impacted my life unfavourably. When I discovered I thought I was unlovable ( read story here) , I saw that my ‘one night stands’ whilst my girlfriend of 2 years was overseas, was thoughtless.

In fact, on the Saturday of my Landmark Forum, I called Cathy and shared this story and how stupid and sorry I was, especially as she forgave me on each occasion! I shared also how present to how much love she had for me in our relationship where she remarked: “Oh Charles, you have finally believed me!”

Through all the courses I have undertaken through Landmark Worldwide, what has really been enhancing for myself is learning how I listen to people now, noticing anything that gets in the way of my listening ,(see already always listening written in the syllabus mentioned above). If you have observed my life since October 1993 when I started my personal development through Landmark, you would definitely observe a new ‘thoughtfulness’ of how I behave and operate in life. Simply put, I love people and stand for World Peace as I assert War is a Crime, honoured by men.




———————————————————————————————————A Big Thank You to Cheryle for letting me write these blogs around her cards, which I am consulting happily!!!

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