world peace charles crawshaw timing

TIMING: Period of Time When Something Happens 26 of 65

world peace charles crawshaw timing

TIMING:  Period of Time When Something Happens 26 of 65

How can Timing be an Access to Transformation?

A study has been done on why people do the Landmark Forum and certainly one could say that each person have arrived at a time in their life where they can choose to impact what’s so with their life. Sure you could say it is all about the timing, so here are some of the reasons why people do it:

  1. They are going through a major transition in life; eg: single to married, married to divorced, work to retirement, job to no job etc
  2. They have reached a plateau in life and are wondering what else is available in life.
  3. They do it out of curiosity; through friend’s recommendations and the material presented.
  4. They are stuck in life and wanting to cause some breakthroughs.
  5. They love personal ongoing personal development and growth.

I started my personal development with Landmark Worldwide in 1993 and the ‘timing’ for me was that I was curious and had reached a plateau in my life,(aged 30), where I wondered what life was like after 30?

It’s 2020 and the timing is perfect for me this year.


Well, I started the Ceasefire Project on September 15th 1995, gaining CNN news for promoting World Peace, in timing for the Sydney Olympics 5 years later. On National New Zealand News on September 15th 2000, I declared the start of the Peace Ceremonies for the next 20 years. Only last year, my ceremony took me to Byron Bay, where a 12 year old birthday girl called Lucy inspired me. Having shared about my World Peace stand with her and her friends , she shouted “WORLD PEACE TAKE OFF” as an excellent contribution to my stand, (read her story here) . I assert her TIMING WAS PERFECT!



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About the Author:

Charles Crawshaw: “Personal Development and Learning New Things!”

Born in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, United Kingdom in September 1963, Charles started his personal development in October 1993; by learning something new, through a top training and education company called Landmark Worldwide.

New skills, new possibilities, new views on life, new ways of being and so much more have all been grown and expanded, with his ongoing participation. There are remarkable and inspiring courses for our young people (8-12-year-olds) and teenagers (13-18) which underline Charles’s passion for sharing this work with younger generations.

Future based training; breakthrough thinking and digital disruption are all embraced in his blogs, with his recommended courses pointing to many sources; including Landmark Worldwide and online, through Six Figure Mentors.

Charles thanks you for taking the time to read his blogs and, as taught to him by a 10-year-old boy called Reuben:

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