worlds peace charles crawshaw unreasonable request

Unreasonable Request: Magic Happens 29 of 36

worlds peace charles crawshaw unreasonable request

As I am coming to the end of my blogs on 36 phrases that can access transformation, I note that there was a similar inquiry into transformation with the phrase “Being Unreasonable” where indeed I do share an unreasonable request that had me make international news in the name of World Peace!

I have learned the nature about unreasonable requests. It is that the outcome comes in one of three possible responses:

  1. YES
  2. NO

Unreasonable: Beyond the Limits of Acceptability or Fairness

If transformation of oneself is empowered through “unreasonable requests”, then going “BEYOND the limits of Acceptable” conjures up a new imagination of which one can be?!

Who can you be?

How about:

“Bold Leadership Causing the Unimaginable” BLCTU

Before I share, please know this ‘BLCTU future’ is not copyrighted, so please TRY IT ON and pass it on, especially in the name of World Peace by TUESDAY 15 September 2020: Pass It On! You’re It! #ITSATUESDAY

It was during my first Introduction Leader’s Program (ILP) , where for 6 months, as a body of some 10 Sydney centre participants, we took on being this future (BLCTU) individually and as a team around the Darlinghurst, Sydney centre in 1995. Sure we caused some great outcomes within the centre and it was the projects that truly HAD ME LIVE ANEW!

24 September 1993 :

Juan Antonio Samaranch, (International Olympic Committee President) televised quote: “...and the winner is…. SYDNEY!”

Charles: “Wow Sydney is hosting the 2000 Olympics!”

I was standing with a friend in Circular Quay when it was announced. I remember “oh so clearly” promising my friend Greg Box that I would help with the opening ceremony using my fire breathing as the access! ( I was trained in 1989 ).

1995 ILP: Using the context written above ( see context blog ), you can see that the future “Bold Leadership Causing the Unimaginable” would impact that promise.

  • I set up the Ceasefire project: “The Causing of World Peace through the use of FIRE”.
  • I ‘press released’ to all 5 Australian television news stations asking them to film our World Peace stand.
  • I called the Sydney Opera House and laid the foundations for a “Setting off a World Record” on their famous Opera House Stairs. I asked the Guinness Book of Records to document it.
  • I asked fellow participants in the course to learn the art of fire-eating : Fakir.
  • I asked the Sydney Olympic Committee to include us in the opening ceremony,
  • I asked that the 15 September 1995 be well broadcasted.

My point above is that I was truly operating in a world of BEING UNREASONABLE making bold requests all over the place, which caused the remarkable news story for World Peace. (see “Live News” video 5 years after)

Request: An Act of Asking Formally for Something

Aaah, how strong was my propensity that I will ‘do it myself’; knowing it will get done versus relying on anyone else. “Fiercely independent” was definitely one discovery I learned in my Landmark Forum (more here).

From there, I participated in the  Team Management and Leadership Program (TMLP) run by Landmark Worldwide. I learned a new way of expanding my capacity of leadership by not being there! I made requests!

Following on from the story above around fire breathers, I taught participants for this TMLP course Fire Breathing too. I requested they return to Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Auckland and Christchurch and teach more breathers and then hold a fire show for World Peace in their respective city. I believe only Brisbane and Christchurch did not honour my request through numbers or no trainer available.

Certainly one can say that perhaps the majority of humanity wants to contribute to society in one shape or form, so whenever a request is made, the receiver has an opportunity to help. What I have learned is to ask more often and be continually surprised when people act or respond above or beyond my expectations! So here is my unreasonable request to you as a reader.

Please take a stand to cause:

World Peace by Tuesday 15 September 2020

by whatever means possible and Pass It On?


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