world peace charles crawshaw visualise

Visualize: Form a mental image 3 of 65

world peace charles crawshaw visualise

Visualize: Form a mental image 3 of 65

This is a great exercise to access happiness, as it happens inside your head! Creativity at the ready, one can really lift one’s senses to new heights of joy if one’s imagination is loving and joyful.

I remember; when Juan Antonio Samaranch announced that the winner is “Sydney” for hosting the 2000 Olympic Games, I visualized a large fire show for the ceremony. I had been fire breathing since 1989, so I had already distinguished how spectacular flames can be, when blown by a human being. I was participating in the Self Expression and Leadership program ,when I started the Ceasefire project, so my visualizations for fire shows (see pictures) , developed over the years, until we got the Olympic’s “Bush Fire” segment.

Visualize: Transforming One’s Reality

In the world of ‘Ontology’ , (the study of human being), I really had a great chance to alter my reality, when I got present to the world I was living in, during my Communication program courses run by Landmark Worldwide.

I so remember visializing living with ‘WATER VIEWS’ , given, at the time, I was living in one of the most beautiful harbour cities of the world: Sydney, Australia. Indeed, I really took on looking at the views I “woke up to and went to bed with”, as new ways to DISPLAY goodness in one’s life. As a result, I altered my reality in this new ‘habour’ domain (read story here).


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